Writer Wednesday

With Star Minds Next Generation off to beta-readers, I’m here to summarize the writing year. I have published 900.000 words, but half of them were probably translations, so I’m not really at pulp speed one yet. I shall be working on that next year. I’m slowly moving to skip the longhand draft 0, and next year I’ll try to keep track of how many words I write per day. And schedule in translation time as well.

I have published 25 titles in two languages and I’ve earned almost the quadruple of last year (still 3digits figure, so I’m not going to be able to quit DayJob anytime soon), mostly thanks to Amazon Italia. As for unit sales, Amazon is in the lead with 182 sales, followed by the others (Kobo, Apple, Barnes&Noble) with 62 and Smashwords with 22 (data up to November 30). The bestseller is Smeraldo&Kyrio (the Italian version of The Death of Queen Amazonia) that sold 25 copies in a month, then got a couple of not so nice reviews and sales stopped.

While I wait for Kris Rusch’s musings on indie publishing, check out her musings on traditional publishing. Glad she’s resumed her business posts! 🙂 What I learned is that there is an Italian market, so even if I’ll keep writing in English first (especially SFF) I will try to translate most of it (although with Silvery Earth it’s almost impossible – too many titles, LOL!).

I have added a “where to start reading” to the Silvery Earth page in case you didn’t see it. But if you contact me with a question, I’ll reply right away like I did with the kind person who found my books on Smashwords but was a little confused as to where to start from.

And since Guisarme is included in the free anthology Wyrd Worlds 2, it’s available for free also on Kobo, Smashwords, NoiseTrade and DeviantART. I submitted the free title to Kobo, but they’re closed for the holidays. Anyway, their newsletter says to send them the data, so I did. They’ll get to those forms eventually… I also sent them answers to their Q&A – we’ll see if any of it will go through…

I know, I need to make a priority list for next year’s projects, or I won’t have anything done, LOL! Next Wednesday will be new year’s resolutions. I will leave you with Mark Coker’s musings on Kindle Unlimited – exclusivity is bad, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, not even Mighty Zon’s! 🙂

10168035_757604884324860_3177529449751291672_nOh, and we have an epic win. Italy has agreed on 4% tax on ebooks from 2015. So don’t worry too much for your prices on Amazon Italia or other Italian venues – of course you’d probably need to have the Italian version available first, since most Italian’s don’t speak English! 🙂

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and enjoy the time off even if you’re not Christian! 🙂 (Thanks to Ambili Abraham for pointing me to this video)

And since I’m at it, I’ll repost this one (already posted in 2012) because I like it even better! 🙂

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