Random Friday

and it’s the last random Friday of the year, since the next will recap the reading year – so it won’t be totally random! In this randomness I’ll point you to the last pencil portrait of the year – that’s a technique that I haven’t lost yet, unlike my drawing-comics-technique.

Then I have a couple of movies, since on Sunday I had a bad headache and couldn’t write much, so I watched World War Z – mmmmeh. Okay, I’m not into zombie movies and I knew that. But I found the DVD for 5euros and thought “what the hell”. So not totally wasted – it was kinda sorta not-my-genre-but-not-totally-ugly-either. And I’m not reading the book, because if the movie had a little plot, the book doesn’t as far as I know, so not my cup of tea at all! 😉

And then, since the headache didn’t let me write, I rewatched Velvet Goldmine to find inspiration – although I know I’ll be inspired more by Rockstar, but it’s been longer since I watched Velvet Goldmine, so I wanted to be sure there wasn’t anything there to inspire me.

Star Minds Next Generation SPOILER ALERT (skip the italics to avoid):

Kay-low, who likes to sing as much as his father Kol-ian, wants to be a galactic star. And it’s a sort of coming of age story, even if he’s already 20. So I’m rewatching all the movies that could help, although I do have a plot in mind.

Hope I did the spoiler thingy right. Not that I’m saying much, but well… So I rewatched Dreamgirls and a few more as well, I don’t lack that kind of movies (including Bollywood’s Rock On – oh, drat, Rock On 2 is still in development! Rock on and hurry up, guys!). And no, I’m not including Wyld Stallyns in this lot! 😉

But since the music industry has changed (at least from those two “period” movies – Velvet Goldmine 70s and 80s, Dreamgirls 50s to 70s), I will have to make up the rules for the galactic music business… ah, the joys of worldbuilding! 😉

Final announcement: another book out – an anthology of recipes including yours truly (who can’t cook/hates cooking, but managed to put together a couple of things in a Star Minds Extra Short). Here’s the link to the printed version. Or you can download the ebook on Amazon, KoboSmashwords – Barnes&Noble coming up, search for it. Proceedings go to charity – so it’s the perfect Christmas Gift for your food junkies friends! 😉

That’s all for today’s randomness! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice drawing 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, too!



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