Writer Wednesday

cap14covtxt_resizeLast title of the year is up! S.K.Y.B.A.N.D #14 is out on DriveThruComics. Now one more chapter to go, and then I can issue the whole story as a single, printed book, that will also be available somewhere else. But for its nature, this graphic novel doesn’t come out well as ebook, so you can download only a PDF above.

Yes, the HEA is coming, but it was so hard drawing this chapter (I felt I was drawing like a 10 year old again), that I won’t do another like this when this is over. I might continue with my other – non-realistic – style to do stupid vignettes (or happy vignettes, although I’m running the old ones again, no new happiness in sight – did I really cover them all?).

Or I might finish lettering Fleur de Lys (1 and 2 are out on DriveThruComics and Amazon, but 3, 4 and 5 are still on the To Letter list), or I might scan older works and publish them… or I might just write new stuff.

And I mean write, not draw and write. So I’ll probably stick to prose after I finish SKYBAND. Next week will be a summary of the writing year, so this is the last of the usual Writer Wednesdays. I don’t have writerly links – unless you sell ebooks from your site, in that case, you might want to check this post – and the last update on the WiP is… I’m writing it! 😉 Yes, I’m almost done with part 4 – Kay-low, but I doubt the beta-readers will be thrilled to have to read Star Minds Next Generation over the Holidays (especially Jo, who already read most of it). Anyhow, when I’m done, I’ll ask! 🙂

I have another link, but I’ll add to the Reading Year post next week… it will go on the wishlist for next year, since there is no way I’ll be able to get it and read it this year. And I’ve finished Strange Portals, hope to interview some fellow authors soon! If you haven’t grabbed your copy, go get it now! 🙂 Have a great week!


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