Random Friday

And it’s Movie Friday! Sort of – as usual! 😉 First, if you like stoner movies, have a look at this micro short and comment/rate/enjoy! It’s by a friend of mine, but it’s not really my cup of tea. I mean, I don’t mind Bill&Ted because of Da Muse, but I’m really not looking forward to #3 – especially if they make them stoned at 50.  My suspension of disbelief would break more than it already has (#1 was actually awful with those historical figures, #2 was better and not only because of the – almost impossible to hear – Slaughter song in the soundtrack). I might check the comic – although I like only one cover – but enough of that kind of movie. But if it’s your favorite genre, please check the above project, thank you! 🙂

I watched Dil with young Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit (yes, we were young in 1990, but already in our 20s, LOL – and I’ve just realized that my favorite dancer Madhuri is my sister’s twin. Can I switch them?). Ahem! The movie… well, it’s the average Bollywood movie. At least Aamir’s ears were covered by his hair! 😉 Still not my favorite Khan, but always better than the other most wanted bachelor (I wouldn’t want him not even painted, so I’ll stick to the other option that arrived second in the poll, but was my first choice anyway)…

I should have said Actors Friday, I know. So, moving to the next sort-of-movie-related-thingy, here’s some advice from some hunk you might have heard of. If little me with less than 300 Facebook Likes would tell you that, you wouldn’t believe me, right? Well, take it from someone who has almost 15MILLION FB Likes! 😉 So, listen to Duggu Guru and stop hating yourself – nobody is perfect! 😉

In case you don’t want to spend money buying 15 years of creative barbwire (on DriveThruComics and Amazon), here’s how I draw him when I’m not doing pencil portraits – brand new vignette that didn’t make it in the collection! 😉

FB11122014_resizeHave a great weekend! 😀

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