Writer Wednesday

Maru&CiCoversAnd Kilig&Hakeem is now live on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes&Noble and DriveThruFiction. If you used the pre-order button when available, it should be on your device by now – except again nobody used the pre-order button. Sigh. One last try with Star Minds Next Generation as soon as I have the cover and then I give up! 😉

Another experiment I did – worked with one title out of two. I raised the price. Going trough the catalog while doing the inventory, I realized Pat&Babs was priced lower than the other body switches, so I raised its price, and raised the collection as well. On Amazon I had sold 10 copies in 2 months – I have sold 8 in 2 weeks at the higher price. Wonders never cease.

And I also have two more short stories out in the Strange Portals anthology! Both my English pseudonyms are there… It’s a free e-book, so go get it for your holiday season’s reading! I’ve started reading the other contributions and I’m very excited to be with these new authors – will have to invite them over! 😀

On the writing front, on Monday I’ve added another 6800words to Star Minds Next Generation, so I’m well on my way to completing it by mid-month, definitely before Christmas. Of course it helped that Monday was bank holiday, but Tuesday I coulnd’t write a single word. Then Friday it’s a general strike, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up for the lost time…

Which goes well with my hero’s post on pulp speed – yes, when I grow up I want to  be like Dean Wesley Smith (who is barely 15 years older than me, LOL)! At this time I’m around “pulp speed one”, but I don’t despair to get to other levels – especially if I get rid of DayJob and all the wasted hours coming and going there! 😉

Now, one more pearl of wisdom – be excited. If you don’t enjoy writing, don’t do it. If you’re having fun, just keep going – the only way to fail is to quit! 🙂 Besides, being excited about telling stories is a good way to be prolific (Pulp Speed Ahead!)! 😀

Joe Konrath destroys that DBW survey I suggested we took – sharing it from Hugh Howey’s blog. I admit some of those questions were “huh?” but well… the time is wasted. Just don’t buy the results, since, like he says, they’re skewed! 🙂 Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. No one ever uses the pre-order button on mine either, lol, so I quit with it… but I didn’t give it very many tries either. Maybe twice? And then I don’t do a lot of pre-release advertising, either, so the issue could be me and my *lack of* marketing skills 🙂


    • I hear you! 😦 Or maybe the pre-order is too close to the release date. This was my second attempt, I’ll do a third one, trying to put up the button one month before release. As soon as I have the cover, I’ll put up a sample of Star Minds Next Generation – if that doesn’t work either, I give up. For now! 😉

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      • Good luck! It would feel so nice to know there are readers out there waiting with such a sense of anticipation. Your idea of the sample and cover sounds like a good one.


        • I’m afraid I don’t have that kind of reader yet… but we say “there’s no 2 without 3”, so I’ll have to do a third attempt! 😉



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