Writer Wednesday

Sooo… haven’t started on the new parts of Star Minds Next Generation, but will soon. Still mulling about them. Have translated/rewritten an old story and written the sequel (10 years later), but I haven’t re-read it or sent it out to betas yet (I might add a final scene, but I didn’t have time to sit and edit). Am working on the prose version of a story formerly translated as screenplay that I never submitted.

And waiting for a cover to publish the last short story of the year. Oh, and am coloring SKYBAND #14, so maybe that will be out too before the end of the year. I’m on page 10 (of 22), then I’ll need to add the balloons and lettering… no pencil portraits until I’m done, though! 😉 (that might be a good way to force myself to finish the damn thing, if I want to do Muse#1’s last drawing of the year, LOL!)

No writerly links this week – nothing worth sharing? I guess not, except the usual stuff. Oh, and change of theme because it’s December and it’s snowing on WordPress blogs as usual. Will be back to the usual layout in January. Just one thing I’d like to comment on, is KDP’s email on “How EU VAT changes affect your eBook pricing”.

“For example, if an author had previously provided a €6.00 VAT-exclusive list price for amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.es, and amazon.it Kindle stores, the list prices including VAT will be €7.14 (19% VAT), €6.33 (5.5% VAT), €7.26 (21% VAT), and €7.32 (22% VAT) respectively.”

Actually Italy is passing a law to bring down VAT on e-books at 4%. I checked the dedicated Italian site and they say it passed the first legislation step, it’s now being voted by the Senato. So hopefully by January VAT on ebooks in Italy will be 4%, not 22% as it says above (which is the current VAT). That ORG also hopes the rest of Europe will follow us. So before you go changing all those prices (I’ll let Amazon adjust, I have too many! ;p), wait to see what happens with that law…

In a couple of days there will be the Italian small&medium publishers fair, so hopefully next week I’ll be able to tell you more about all of this. I hope to attend a few workshops and find out more. Sorry if this week’s links are all in Italian… Have a great week! 🙂

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