Random Friday

I was hoping to talk about a movie, but my DVD player got stuck soon after the intermission – I have 2 but one wouldn’t even read the DVD and the other… anyway, I’ll try to finish watching it on my mom’s DVD this afternoon, if that one works. Meh. It’s not even a pirate copy.

So, I’ll randomly ramble about… oh, look, it’s December already! Where did this year fly to? Since Serial Central has been dead for two or three years, I will be deleting it at the end of the year. I have written the other authors – except a couple who were not on the Yahoo mailing list, but then, I don’t know who is still receiving emails on that mailing list anyway – and I doubt any of them has objections. I’m tired of receiving WordPress fireworks for a blog I have long forgotten.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving (if you’re American, that is!) and are ready for the December rush. This year it seems less daunting and depressing than usual, somehow – maybe because I haven’t realized it’s here yet. Or maybe because I’m busy with projects, inventory and whatnot.

Oh, boy, this is so hard, I’m just giving up. I have nothing to say. There. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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