Sunday Surprise

Words of wisdom or writers on writing – from my collection of quotes. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

It’s all about choice.

It’s also about remembering the thing that traditional publishers have forgotten: The customers for our books aren’t ten buyers for chain bookstores. The customers for our books are readers worldwide. Individuals, who choose to spend their hard-earned money on our work.

Some of those readers move on to the next book they want to read.

Others become evangelists for the books they love.

You can’t beg customers to promote for you.

You can’t expect them to buy the next book. You can’t expect them to remember your name. You can’t even expect them to remember the book title.

Write the next book. Publis

h it well (with good covers and blurbs, in all markets). If you enjoy writing that book, someone out there will enjoy reading it. Trust the process. It works. And your inner reader knows it.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

But my main advice to wanna be writers is this:

1. READ. A lot. Look at how things are written and dissect them. Think to yourself, “I like how writer x does that… HOW does he do that?” and try to learn from it.

2. WRITE. A lot. You get better the more you write. You really do. But don’t navel-gaze so much. Finish a damned project and then do some revision but then MOVE ON. Keep going forward. It will never be perfect. Accept that.

3. NETWORK. You need to meet other writers and make friends with them. You never know who might help you someday. How did I become a professional writer? Because a friend of mine worked for Marvel Comics and recommended me for a job. I didn’t submit anything to them — Marvel emailed me, on the basis of my friend’s recommendation. It went from there.

So… here’s my suggestion for today. Stop reading this blog. Stop flipping through that Stephen King book on writing. Stop over-analyzing the act of creation. And then go CREATE.

Barry Reese

That it’s all about momentum. Momentum in writing means momentum in reading. There is a prevailing school of thought that something good must take time, sometimes years to create and hone. I have always felt that the books I have written fastest have been my best — because I caught an unstoppable momentum in the writing.

Michael Connelly

Once a writer – any writer – comes to the realization that the power in the publishing industry has transfered from publishers to writers, it opens up a new world of possibilities.  Publishing no longer becomes an either/or question.  The best writers will have the option to publish independently AND traditionally, or do one or the other.  It’s their choice.  Both options are worthy of consideration by all writers, and can be mutually complementary.  Even if you’re a traditionally published author today, you’re an indie author because you decide what happens with your next project.

Mark Coker

It was also an era of isolation because I didn’t even know what an email address was, let alone the internet. But most of all, I didn’t know a single other writer doing what I was doing — writing novels. I wrote in complete and utter bliss. I look back on that time with wonder and awe because not only was I writing whatever I wanted how I wanted, but I was never once told that I was doing something wrong by another writer. If I felt that at any point, it was only because I was comparing my unpublished novel to published novels.

Michelle D.Argyle

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