Random Friday

Let’s make it Art Friday! 🙂 In spite of the sore eye, I did a lot of drawings the past two weeks! 😉 First, you can check the portraits gallery for those pencil drawings of Da Muses… Unfortunately the latest didn’t make it to the calendar, but never mind. Maybe next year! 😉

Then I did some covers – that I might or might not use. I’m thinking of uploading Guisarme (currently in Wyrd Worlds 2) for free here and there, so I needed a cover. Here are the two attempts – the final is slightly different and you’ll see it shortly, probably some time next week. Composite of my dragon drawing attempt and the woman (two women, slightly different).

And then I toyed with the next generation and did more drawings of Shan-leo and Dadina while I tried to imagine Kay-low grown up. I do have a very loose outline for book 2 now, so eventually I might draw Kay-low as well, except his “evolution” might not be as good as Shan-leo and Dadina’s (I might pick two different people to show him as a child and as a 20-year-old instead of using the same models through the years…). But that’s on the December drawing list.

Now I hope to manage to color SKYBAND 14, so that it can come out by Christmas. Then next year I’ll do the final chapter (and then write the novel). Uploading a new title this weekend – stay tuned for the wonderful cover by Marurenai! And I might have another short story up with a brand new cover (it wasn’t published on its own before, always in a collection) – you can see the WiP here… Have a great weekend!

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