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I’m writing. And revising. And preparing to publish the next title. And making covers. And drawing my characters. Hopping from Silvery Earth to Star Minds and back. Moving between assassins and telepaths. Nice, varied inner life! 😉 I’ll probably start a translation/rewriting this week, so I can write the “sequel” next week while I percolate more the next generation of Star Minds.

Yes, Shan-leo and Dadina’s story is done, but I’m thinking of doing a Book 2 with Dadina and Kay-low. I’m jotting down ideas, so I’ll probably finish November with fantasy, and go back to my science fantasy series in December. I want to write it all before publishing it, so I’m sure I have everything totally clear.

Hopefully it will still be ready for January publication, if not, February. Not a Valentine’s title (although there are a few love stories here, but it’s still a space opera more than a romance), but it will come out. Just throwing a few more obstacles at those characters to see how they react! 😉

And still world-building, or universe-building, since most of the next generation books don’t get too close to Earth (especially since Shan-leo’s stay on Earth has not so nice consequences – not deadly, but still bothersome). It’s mostly restructuring the Imperial Planet after the fall of the Emperor – what happened to the various aristocrat families and who has the right to join the Council of Five, or lost it.

I will also show Earth again in book 2, somehow. There is hope for this planet – at least in that universe! 😉 Now, to the writerly links of the week!

5 things holding you back from becoming a writer. Just in case you still haven’t realized that writers write. So, apply butt in chair and just write. 😉

Amazon opens Dutch Kindle store, B&N moves into author services. And that’s why I don’t really trust Lulu anymore (not that I ever used their paid services, but I’m not distributing through their channels either, so things are available only on the Lulu store), so no calendars this year, and they’ll keep only the Italian novels and a few older things for now. Lots of new year’s resolutions will include “cleaning” PODs.

The book that writes itself – a possibility. Meh. Just when I had my alien telepath enjoying calligraphy for the sake of it (Shan-leo, in case you’re wondering – yes, he’s grown up!). Sigh. But then, he doesn’t write fiction! 😉 Now let me grab a few more generators links… just in case! They do work as writing prompts! 🙂

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