Random Friday

I guess I’m going to ramble on Lucca Comics – even worse than last year, since there was the sun shining, so on Saturday you couldn’t walk anywhere and the little town was packed. Luckily I had done everything I needed to do on Friday, when it was less crowded. This time I bought the tickets online, so there was no line to get the bracelet to enter the various places, but they had put stuff everywhere, so it was really hard to find a non-crowded street anywhere.

The only reasons I went back (I had no intention after last year’s experience) were I needed to meet Maurizio Manzieri (guest of honor) and the cover artist for Male Lovers, who had two yaoi comics out (you can find the English versions here). And she did a pencil drawing for me, see (and I got the card with her character as well – I never have enough of that kind of men!)?

LauraWendigo_resizeI think you can still order both even if it says only until Nov.3 – I forgot I had to pre-order before then, we’ll see if I get it anyway… Why do I want the English version when I have the Italian one? Because I like that gal and I want to support her! 😀 Now I really really should sign up for Patreon and start supporting her regularly… okay, that’s a New Year Resolution! 😀

Now, quick announcement. If you missed Wyrd Worlds and would like to be part of another free anthology, check this call for speculative fiction autors – no pay, free book, exposure, that’s all there is. Much like for Wyrd Worlds. I’ll probably contribute something, but I don’t know what yet. And then I’ll invite the fellow contributors on this blog, so stay tuned! 🙂

So, that’s all for today. I still have a pile of DVDs to watch, but I’m too busy writing that Star Minds Next Generation. Hopefully next week I’ll start! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the anthology 😉 And love the drawing you got! yumm!


    • I knew you’d appreciate it… and I’m thinking a new short story for the Anthology – stay tuned, some vampires you know well will be involved! 😉



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