Random Friday

So, here’s a summary of the past two weeks! πŸ˜‰ First I went to Bologna, although I spared myself the 477stairs of the Torre degli Asinelli (kudos to Jen for doing them, LOL!). The day started badly with us missing the train, but the rest was fine, in spite of the rainy aftertoon.

Then off to Paris we went, and Sunday was baaad for the rain and everything closed – so we wandered aimlessly and lost some time, but well… Monday and Tuesday were better and we managed to see a few things, included some not really on Jen’s list like the Cluny museum. We also spent a lot of time waiting in line – to go up the towers of Notre Dame (again, only Jen, I waited downstairs), to go down the Paris catacombs or again up the Eiffel Tower (2nd floor only since the third was too crowded and it meant more waiting in line to get there).

Then the good French food was gone and I flew on the other side of the pond… Watching movies on the plane and in Long Island, and then off again to Portland and Lincoln City. I won’t elaborate much on that workshop, but my answers to that first question “What kind of writer do you want to be” might change slightly as soon as I elaborate on all the stuff I’ve learned during that week. I also managed to write the fourth part of Kilig&Hakeem, the new ending, some 10k started in Paris and finished in Lincoln City in approximately a week.

On the way back on that endless Delta flight (left one hour late from JFK and arrived one hour and a half late at the gate in FCO…) I didn’t manage to sleep much, so I watched two more Bollymovies, Dedh Ishqiya and Satyagraha. The first was action-comedy, the second drama, so not many dance items in either. But there is one dance scene of Madhouri Dixit in Deh Ishqiya – and I love her dancing almost more than Hrithik’s. I mean, since I’m a woman, I’d love to dance like her! πŸ˜‰ Ah, well, maybe in my next life – no, wait, I’ll be a man in my next life! Damn! πŸ˜€

That’s all for now. Will be at Lucca Comics and Games today and tomorrow, and will resume normal programming on this blog next week… Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I hope you had a pleasant and productive time in Lincoln City.


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