Random Friday

Still in Lincoln City with borrowed laptop under a pouring rain, so this will be short. Let’s make it movie Friday! 😉 On the plane (Rome-New York), I watched Dhoom 3. Loved the Chicago sights (you might remember I was at Chicon when they were shooting it), still not too fond of Aamir, but was glad to have Jai&Ali back in action. If it weren’t spoiler, I’d say which Hollywood movie they got the idea from! 😉 I also re-watched Chennai Express, since it’s such a long flight. Didn’t watch anything on the New York-Portland, since they gave me no earplugs (and I hate those things anyway, they keep falling out of my ears…).

I got to see Bang Bang in Long Island and I enjoyed it. I was offered the DVD but it had no English subtitles, so I said “No thank you” – I’ll wait for the official version. I also got myself some DVDs and a couple of soundtracks, so I might talk about those when I get back as I get through them. Bang Bang… is just fine. Action and romance and dance items – even Jen was much happier with this one (and she recognized more Hollywood movies it was inspired from than me, since I’m not really an action movies geek)! 😉

Now today John Wick comes out. I hope to see it either in Lincoln City or Portland, but if I can’t for lack of time, well… the DVD is mine as usual. It isn’t announced for an Italian release yet, so I might as well just get the DVD (along with Bang Bang) sometimes in January, like I did for Krrish3 and Man of Tai Chi last year! 😉 It’s good to have two muses, especially when they have movies out at the same time, LOL!

But I should really get away from this third world country that never shows their movies in theaters… 😦 It’s tough when your friends tell you “But he hasn’t done anything in years!” – he has, but it didn’t come out in Italy (last movies to come out in Italy for Keanu were The Day the Earth Stood Still and then 47 Ronin – Hrithik never made it to the Italian screens, only Shah Rukh Khan with My Name is Khan).

Enough movies rambling! Have a great weekend!

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