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Currently in Oregon for a workshop I can’t say much about yet – stay tuned, next week I’ll tell you everything – and not really eager to publish something new, although I do have something. Well, it’s the third version of an already published short story, but since I don’t have the cover yet, it will have to wait. Nobody offered guest posts or character interviews, so I’m improvising from the lovely location I’m at – the Historic Anchor Inn of Lincoln City.

Writing-wise, I’m currently adding a part 4 to Kilig and Hakeem’s story, even if I already got the Assassins’ Guild edits back from the editor. But I can’t look at them on this tiny screen, so I’ll just keep writing and then send it out to betas and then to her. So the final book is actually going to be longer than expected. Not bad for what was supposed to be a one-shot novella.

Anyhow, first night homework was “What kind of writer do I want to be” and I think now is a good time to think about it. I’m a storyteller and I’ll keep writing stories until the day I die, and that’s for sure. But I’d also love to share those stories with the world – find my 5000 true fans (if you go back to the beginning of this blog, you’ll see what I mean) and live off my royalties, doing the thing I love doing the most: writing (with some drawing on the side, LOL)!

I’m productive, so I can start a Patreon campaign soon. How soon, depends on how long it takes me to make decisions and schedule my writing so that I can compensate whoever decides to support me. I’m also thinking of giving away a short story or a novella to newsletter subscribers – something that will never be published online, so the only way to read it is by subscribing to the newsletter.

If the recession in Italy rids me of the DayJob, I’ll start doing formatting for other authors or write that “Indie Author” guide in Italian (and English for non-Americans). Apparently non-fiction sells better and e-books are forever and can be updated at any time, so… yeah, I might do that. After I finish writing the fiction pieces I want to write this year (at the moment: finish Assassins Guild story, write Star Minds Next Generation book 2 and if there’s time, rewrite an old story that matches my Amazon novella that I translated last year but haven’t published yet because they go parallel and I don’t want to rewrite one when I finish the other). And I might dig into cover art and graphics as well.

But until then, I’ll just keep writing and publishing to the usual places. This month I’m taking a break, but next month I’ll be back with more titles, so stay tuned. Now off to writing some more (if I read, I’ll fall asleep, LOL!). Have a great week!

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  1. Hope your Oregon trip is fun and successful!


    • It’s pouring today, but I don’t care about the weather! 😉
      The only bad thing is going home and being unable to apply most of the stuff I’m learning from that third world country I live in, sigh.


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