Random Friday

Sort of Art Friday. Sort of Bang Bang dare. Sort of. Anyway, I did my Bang Bang artwork – and here’s the WiP – even if I haven’t seen the movie yet. Next week. Which doesn’t mean I’m going to review it, since this isn’t a movies reviews blog, but when I come back I might have some vignette to comment on it like I did last November. And you can see it in the gallery on the official page as well.

Speaking of Da Muse #2, here’s a toonsie roll caricature of him done with a wonderful new app you should absolutely try! 😉 And I’m having both Da Muses done in “chibi” version, but more on that if and when I get the actual drawing by very talented Mrs Waffle. The sketch is awesome, but needs a couple of changes…

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. looks great and I love chibi!



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