Random Friday

Randomly putting up posts for when I’m away. I have things for almost every posting day (especially if I’m traveling that day), but I might skip one or two. If you would like to write a guest post for me, feel free to do it NOW, so I can schedule it for while I’m gone! 😉

Please support fellow Wyrd Worlder in her Thunderclap message – only one day to go. Eventually I’ll also try to do that (when I get back, since they advice doing it 2-3 weeks in advance, so maybe I’ll have something up in November or December). It’s free, and it’s only one blast of the same message all over Facebook and Twitter. I don’t tweet, so that’s Facebook for me, LOL!

Wrapping up the Next Generation to start working on the Assassins’ Guild since this weekend I’ll hear back from betas and I already booked the editor/proofreader for the 13th. So I’ll take a break from science-fantasy and go back to my fantasy world for the weekend and maybe a couple more days next week.

Then Jen will be here, and I’ll have to work 3 more days and then… VACATIONS!!! Whoot! Have a great weekend!

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