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Last week I realized the blogoversary countdown didn’t work anymore. I tried to redo che code, but nothing. Turns out it’s actually not working since… 2010? Ah, well. I tried the suggested countdown generator, but the code didn’t come out well in the widgets, so… thank you WordPress for the Milestone widget! 🙂 Yes, it’s today! Since 2009! Happy birthday, blog! Here’s to another five years! 😀

anniversary2014So to celebrate this milestone, get Body Switches half price – today only! The code is: AV79W. Go to the book’s Smashwords page and enter it – you can download all 3 body switches and bonus stories for 2.50$! 🙂 And it’s finally live on Kobo too – had to write Kobo support, since it was stuck in “publishing”…

I also removed B.G. Hope’s books from Smashword’s distribution to Scribd, since they were mixed with Barbara G.Tarn’s (I messed up with the links when I got the invitation) so they’re now slowly showing up again through Draft2Digital. They’re still “verified” and at least they don’t appear on the same page. I also found someone who uploaded 204 unautorized PDFs, including one of mine, in Italian… and in spite of Mark Coker’s assurance

3.  Scribd maintains a Copyright Management System where they create digital fingerprints of Smashwords titles, and use these fingerprints to automatically remove unauthorized versions of your work (such as pirated versions) that users might try to upload to Scribd.  This means Scribd will use the Smashwords edition of your book as the authorized reference copy.  While no anti-piracy solution can ever be 100% effective, Scribd’s CMS system will help reduce the incidence of unauthorized works at Scribd.

The more I hear about Scribd, the less I like them! 😦 I had joined before they became a subscription place, but never uploaded anything for that reason… Anyhow, wrote to their support to check on that account and we’ll see what they say…

Speaking of Smashwords, there’s no more need to put the “Smashwords Edition” thingy. They adjusted the Meatgrinder and it won’t reject books just because there’s no SW Edition thing.

September 24, 2014.  “Smashwords Edition” – Over the last few years, a small but vocal minority of authors and publishers objected to placing phrases such as “Smashwords Edition,” “Distributed by Smashwords,” or “Published by [Author or Publisher Name] at Smashwords” in their front matter.  For authors who wrote us and objected, we allowed their books to be distributed because we’ve always considered this more of a recommendation than a firm requirement.  However, AutoVetter (our automated format-checking technology) continued to flag for it, and this would slow down distribution and cause author frustration. We’re here to put smiles on our authors’ faces, not frowns so we decided to change things a bit.  A few weeks back we modified AutoVetter to stop flagging for it so these books could pass through our Premium Catalog approval process faster with less friction.  Today we updated the Style Guide to clarify that it’s recommended but not required to include one of the above text strings.  Since we’ve always considered this as strongly recommended but not required, we wanted to clarify its optionality rather than allow it to remain a source of divisiveness among those who prefer not to include such phrases.

On the way to finishing Draft Zero of Star Minds Next Generation and already thinking about things to come. October will be busy with vacations and workshops and then November there will be the Indie First Campaign. I’m thinking of contacting local libraries, but I need to prepare a flyer in Italian explaining what this is all about (or try the Anglo-American bookshop, but I have closer bookshops who are surely more available)! 🙂 So, if you’re an author, contact your local bookshop(s) and get down to it! 🙂

Have a great week!

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  1. Well good. i am tired of fighting the smashwords error in books I format for other people… I’ll be honest, I’ve never even looked at Scrib’d :p


    • I did, because I had friends who uploaded stories for free there – but I never uploaded anything, since I wanted to “sell” my stories! 😉



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