Random Friday

Since B.G. Hope doesn’t have a blog, she’s going to take over today! 😉 (yes, I have split personalities! 😀 Mwhahahaha!)

These are my bestselling titles under this pseudonym, although the third one has come out only a month ago, and hasn’t sold much yet. But if you’d like to have the whole collection, here it is, on Apple, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Amazon – and sometime even on Kobo, who has become the slowest to upload.

Yes, there’s even the printed version, see? (well, someone has, thank you, you anonymous buyer!)

4ShafaliCutOtherwise grab your ebook at the above – even if the Matchbook thingy doesn’t seem to be there… I swear I checked the box and said that whoever got the POD can have the ebook for free!

Two random advices in comic book form – for dreamers and for artists, but both apply to writing! Or any other creative endehavor, really…

Now back to reading Wyrd Worlds 2… Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. Awesome!!



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