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Sneak preview of the next generation on DeviantART. I don’t think I’m doing a big spoiler by showing Shan-leo, since he will be on the cover anyway. Besides, I got the idea when I did a mock cover for Wyrd Words (which was discarded) and decided that was what I wanted to happen to Shan-leo! 😉 Except it’s not happening in the novel itself, but in a short story set between the end of the trilogy and the beginning of Next Generation.

I’m currently writing draft Zero and hope to finish the first draft by October 12, so I can send it out to betas. Maybe only half will be completed by Xmas, but who knows… maybe not! 😉 The good thing about improvising and having very loose outlines is the freedom. The bad thing is I have no idea of how long the story will be beforehand. I just follow the characters, like watching a movie, and see where they take me. Sometimes I come up with a new idea after I wrote a scene – happened in chapter 2, I completely rewrote a scene before continuing the writing -, sometimes it’s dear betas who point out problems, but I don’t mind.

Now the publishing announcements! The Chronicles of the Varian Empire (3 volumes) are now live on Amazon! Not sure when they’ll get to other channels, but I’m not linking them to the e-books since the content is not exactly the same (the POD version has 2 stories instead of one, to make for thicker books).

Chronicles of the Varian Empire volume 1 (contains The Spell – featured on the cover – and Allan de Sayek)

Chronicles of the Varian Empire volume 2 (contains The Left-handed Warrior – featured on the cover – and Records of the Varian Empire)

Chronicles of the Varian Empire volume 3 (contains The Englightened Emperor – featured on the cover – and The Warrior Woman).

Aaand! In case you didn’t notice the new page at the top, Wyrd Worlds 2 is out! My story, Guisarme, is a prequel to Saif’s Legacy. You will soon read more about the Assassins’ Guild of Godwalkar, since the prequels and sequels of Kilig & Hakeem’s story are written and currently out to betas!

Now looking forward to have some fellow Wyrd Worlders on this blog like last year… In the meantime, see my interview redux on a fellow Wyrd Worlder blog! 🙂 More on the Assassins’ Guild and other stuff!

Writerly links: a really really useful article on character building by David Farland. I applied his rules to the Next Generation characters and it worked beautifully. Especially with my way of writing that doesn’t really care about Character ID, what s/he had for breakfast and other stupid things like that! 😉

Defining your writer self – I’m basically a fiction writer, but I can be a journalist or a screenwriter if I really want to. I just enjoy prose more! 😉 Another from Writing World’s newsletter is Developing a pitch message – but I still have to work on that.

An article on editing vs proofreading and finally why Dean Wesley Smith isn’t writing about some stuff (at the moment). I totally agree with point #1, I’m sick to death with the debate, so I won’t mention it here anymore. And he’s right in #2 as well. Why do we fight among each other? Let’s bring some peace to the world, it’s nasty enough out there without writers fighting over which way is The Way to Publishing Success!

Last thing – the cyberbully plagiarist hits again. Help Rachel Ann Nunes here. That’s all for now… Have a great week! 😀


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