Writer Wednesday

More POD proofs shouls arrive today, so come back on Friday for part 2. Hopefully the CVE new editions will be live by the end of the week. And also Wyrd Worlds 2 – did you forget about that? Official release is on the 21st and whoever managed to read all the stories said it’s awesome. I’m waiting for the final version to read it myself, so looking forward to that. And to have more Wyrd Worlds authors on this blog! 🙂

While I figure out how to get myself on Patreon, here are a couple of people I should actually support: Neil Clarke and Cat Rambo. Putting them here to remind myself to open that Patreon account and start being a patron before I start my own page. If all of you who follow this blog gave 1$ a month, I’d be the happiest writer-creator in the world. But like Facebook “likes” don’t mean sales, blog followers don’t mean sales either, so I’m not asking you yet. If I did start a Patreon page, what would you like to see on it?

Other suggestions on keeping me happy and writing by David Farland – keeping writers as pets. I can be your pet writer if you want! 😉 I only need survival money, I don’t think being rich would make me happy – but quitting the horrid DayJob yes! 😀

Why listening to gurus can cripple your chances for success or survivor bias for writers! So, don’t listen to my advice and just experiment – which is what I’m doing. Trying to figure out which is the way to success for me – and again, success is a state of mind, not money. Anyhow, if you want tips for the sales down, here’s Joe Konrath. My sales of the Italian bestseller have stopped since 2 reviews popped up on Amazon – 2stars, in case your wondering. I don’t care. I can’t please everyone, I’ll keep writing what I want to read! 😉

Now back to writing that next generation… have a great week! 🙂

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