Writer Wednesday

I spent the weekend finishing the translation and preparing the POD versions of the CVE with the new covers by Silvano Beltramo (you saw only half of them on the ebook version – it’s real wrap-up covers, yay!). The proofs are ordered, and should arrive this week. I tried the matte cover for a change. Next I’ll do the first B.G. Hope POD book, a collection of the body switches! 🙂

I’ve started on Star Minds the Next Generation, although it’s still just a prequel, while I decide what happens to Shan-leo and Dadina 10 years after the end of the trilogy. I’m introducing new characters, sometimes not human, and maybe some new alien (or one of the races that hasn’t been explored much so far – i.e. NOT the Reptilians, LOL!), but I’m still pretty much brainstorming with myself, although I have started writing down the prequel. It will be a short story anyway – or maybe a novella, who knows. That’s why I love improvising.

This month the publications will be all in Italian, so don’t expect any announcement on my part – unless the POD versions go live! 🙂 And remember that success doesn’t guarantee happiness – your state of mind does. And I’m not telling more about what I’m writing so I won’t create expectations. I’ve had experiences similar to Michelle’s in the past, when I told a story I wanted to write to a friend, and when she read the final product, she said she’d liked better my oral version. So… no more spoilers! 😉

Writers, well mostly indie authors, check David Farland’s latest series of posts. Especially the one on plagiarism and cyberbullying and follow his list of standards of excellence. I don’t have sock puppets accounts since I’d rather be writing (and even if I have 2 English pen-names, one is quite dead online, in case you didn’t notice). As for reviews, I don’t do them anymore, but if I like a book, I’ll post about it in my end-of-the-year reading advice. I wouldn’t go as far as Mr Farland not to read indie authors anymore, but I’ve always been wary of one-book-wonders, so if an author spends too much time advertizing his/her book, s/he lost me there and then. But that’s just me! 😉

Finally, I ended up on Barry Eisler’s blog because of Da Muse. I don’t normally follow him (although I read him when he is a guest at Joe Konrath’s) since I’m not really interested in politics. But this post isn’t his norm and it’s a writer’s point of view on books adaptations to movies or TV series. I thought he’s quite right (although the latest adaptation of a book I’ve seen in cinemas is 20 years old – Interview with the Vampire, I saw the movie and read the book and tried to compare, but it’s so long ago, that I will just shut up) and if I ever sell the movie adaptation rights, I do have a cast ready anyway… just kidding, might take years and they might get too old for the part, LOL!

That’s all for today… have a great week!

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