Sunday Surprise

My name is Brenda de Zorig and I’m a journalist for the Konigtown Gazette. I’ve been on the road for years as an actress in an itinerant company, but eventually decided to go back to my hometown to start living of the thing I like the most – writing. So while I write my Masterpiece, I took this job at the Gazette and they send me on various assignments… I thought I might as well starting interviewing random people. Since I intend to write fiction, but truth is always stranger than fiction, I’m eager to hear about people out there – on my world or beyond.

Soo… hello there! Tell me a little about yourself…

I am Anna Maria and I’m nine but who are you? How did you find me? Priscilla keeps me locked up.  She’s even pulled me out of school.

Uhm, those are good questions – very smart girl, you – but I’m afraind I don’t have an answer. Must have somthing to do with magic or something. Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

Violet eyes, long dark hair, tall.

Still growing, hopefully… Do you have an enemy or nemesis? If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?

My stepmother and her two daughters hate me so that makes them my enemies. I looked up the word ‘nemesis’ in the dictionary (I had to sneak it into my room).

Nemesis means:

1 something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.:

 2 an opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome.     

 3 ( initial capital letter )  Greek goddess of divine retribution

 4  an agent or act of retribution or punishment

Priscilla and her daughters are not close to being any type of goddess and I haven’t done anything wrong for anyone to be an agent of punishment. But I am afraid I will not be able to conquer over Priscilla and her deceitful lies so that makes her my nemesis.

On second thoughts, I will NOT let her become my nemesis. I will escape.

Sounds like a plan – especially if she likes to lock you up! Would you kill for those you love? And would you die for them?

I know Priscilla wants to kill me after she gets Daddy to sign those papers. Daddy doesn’t know. Sometimes, when she and Marcella push me around and taunt me about my daddy, I get so mad that I could hit them. I have never thought about killing them. But if they were to harm my daddy, I think I might.

Would I die to save Daddy? Yes, I would.

Of course, who wouldn’t… Where do you live?

I live in an American suburban town. I wish I could remember where I had lived when Mama was alive. I remember the house very well. It had a deep-red brick façade and white doors, and windows with boxes of flowers. There were lace curtains at the windows and a swing in the backyard. There was Mama humming and Daddy laughing and teasing.

Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

What do you mean?

Sorry, I guess it’s too early for this… and never mind, it’s all lies they tell to us women for when we grow up! What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

Survival. I have to survive.

Do you have a family? Tell me about them.

Mama died when I was five. We were both in the accident. I got injuries and my arm was in a plaster cast. Daddy is a scientist. He is always working. He is in China now, on a project. Mama used to tease him because he sometimes forgets simple things. She said he was like Newton who knew about calculus and gravity but wanted a big door and a small door for the house he got made for his cat and her kittens. The cat was to use the big door and the kittens the small door. Mama laughed when she said this, so did I.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

I am a sort of child prodigy; I learnt to read sentences by the age of two, I was reading chapter books by three.

When Priscilla put me in school, I was in the same class as Stella and I was doing far better than her and everyone else too. Mrs. Edwards, our teacher, told Priscilla I should be in a special class. Instead of doing that, Priscilla removed me from school. Homeschooled.

You do sound smart! What 2 or 3 questions do you wish I’d asked and what are your answers to them?

I wish you would answer my questions instead. Are fairy godmothers real? And how did you find out about me?

I don’t know about your world, but in mine magic is all gone… so I have no idea how I managed to interact with people from other universes like this! I sure hope on your planet there’s still some magic. I’m sure that if you believe in faeries, they’ll become real and save you! Good luck!


51j45aYKZUL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Cinderella’s Escape is a free download on Amazon from 5th to 7th Sept. 2014, so go grab it NOW!

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