Writer Wednesday

New covers galore! The Chronicles of the Varian Empire now have brand new covers – at least on the e-books! I shall be working on POD versions next weekend, although probably they won’t be out until next month… anyway, here’s Silvano Beltramo‘s efforts:

newCVEblogFBAnd to celebrate the new cover of The Death of Queen Amazonia, I put it on NoiseTrade along with another title, Uncommon Amazons. On NoiseTrade tip is welcome, but not mandatory. Feel free to get your copy of either title now! And if you’d like to check a few cover attempts, here’s the reworking of The Death of Queen Amazonia’s cover! A special thanks for whoever gave advice on the first version that I posted on my private FB page – you know who you are, and I hope I managed to capture your suggestions in the final version! 🙂

Writing news: Assassins’ Guild wrapped and sent out to betas. Finishing the translation of Male Lovers – namely, working on Allan de Sayek – so I can publish it and move on to Star Minds Next Generation! 🙂 And since in October I’ll be traveling and not writing much, I don’t know what’s next. Probably a couple more Amazons stories… and then it will be already 2015! 😦 Time flies, doesn’t it?

Writerly links! Advice for whoever is starting from zero by David Gaughran, or Joe Konrath (I subscribe to most of the advice he gives to his younger self), or even Dean Welsey Smith – what changed and what didn’t in the past three years in this new world of publishing.

When Giving Away Free Books Is the Smartest Thing a Writer Can Do by Scott William Carter – so if you have a series with more than one book, you might want to try it. Silvery Earth is not a series per se, but maybe one day I’ll try it with Star Minds...

One last thing – a last minute announcement I got from an author:

So I’m offering my book Cinderella’s Escape as a free download on amazon from 5th to 7th Sept. 2014.

I have created some pins for promoting the book.

There you have it, from the author herself… go check it and have a great week!


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