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PBebook_resizeFirst, the self-promotion bit: a new title is out! The latest body switch at the hands (or better spells) of Samantha the Witch is now live on KoboSmashwords, Barnes&Noble, Amazon and Apple! The absolutely wonderful cover is by Shafali and goes very well with the other two. Blurb:

Pat is a career woman

Babs is a creative genius.

The last experiment by Samantha the Witch – shorter body switch but with unexpected consequences, especially for Babs and her housemates.

I shall update B.G. Hope’s page with buy links soon…

Now just wondering if to boost the sales of an English title, I should change it’s cover and title to match the Italian version, my current bestseller on Amazon Italia… While in London I got the emails for the royalties and dropped in my KDP dashboard to see 1-2 sales per day! Unheard of! I know it will stop – might have already stopped when this goes live – but for a title that I didn’t advertize… is it the cover? The title? What? Who knows…

10565003_10203781650015796_5059988536365884660_nAnd in case you missed it, I was a guest on Kira’s blog, before her interview went live here. Now I’m giving the final touches to the Assassins Guild stories so I can send them out to betas, and then I have Allan de Sayek to translate in Italian, then I’ll be back… to the future, i.e. writing in the Star Minds universe. The next generation is ready to tell their story and the cover willl be by award-winning illustrator Maurizio Manzieri that I’m honored to know in person. He’s the last gentleman on Earth and a most wonderful illustrator who deserved all the success and attention he received at Loncon! 🙂

As for Loncon… well, besides meeting my fellow Wyrd Worlders, I don’t have much to say. I had to improvise a Goodreads Giveaway because I didn’t sell the printed books. And two copies I donated to a bookshop, just to circulate them… But one of the four winners thanked me on Goodreads, so that was nice! 🙂 The panel was… awkward, the moderator was sick and we improvised, so… never mind. I’m not going to continue the comics anyway – I still have a lot to scan and publish if I really want to, but since I’m not selling any… why bother? 😉

Anyhow – this was only my second worldcon, but I don’t think I’ll have a third, unless it comes very close to home. You can see some problems in this article about the generation gap. I can tell you I saw people completely oblivious of indie authors and the SFWA is probably stuck in the 20th century with the rest. So until they join the 21st, I’ll probably stay away from them. I doubt I found any fans this time… If I had known of the other convention, I might have tried it…

ClarkesworldMy only highlight of Loncon was meeting Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld! When I told him I was one of his rejected writers, he handed me this neat little card – I just love the illustration, and the writing on the back! That’s the best rejection letter a writer can have! 🙂 (and I’ll keep submitting to him, since he’s soo nice! Beware, Neil, new short story coming!)

Writerly links! Finally someone who thinks like me about the Amazon/Hachette debate. Do. Not. Take. Sides. Read why when evil empires collide it’s not good for us – readers and writers alike. Also from Writing World, how to write for an international market a.k.a. “intercultural” communication. Let me give you my opinion of reader in a second language: all your fancy words and the slang you use in dialog are totally lost on me. I’ve dropped books because the dialog was too “weird” for me to follow. Write in plain English. People like me would thank you forever and read all your books, thank you.

On DeviantART I discovered Patreon… just in case I really have enough of Day Job and decide to live off my writing. Being prolific, I’m sure I can find a way to create stuff for a monthly stipend – or something like that! This was brought to my attention by this lovely web comic posted by DeviantART on their Facebook page. Will have to find someone to support first, I guess! 😉

That’s all on the writerly front! Everything else – next time! 🙂

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