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The body switch publication date has been pushed to when I come back from London. Didn’t have time to check the file, correct, format and upload before today, so… in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned. I’m publishing the translation of The Death of Queen Amazonia, and since it has a different cover (and slightly different title, focusing on the protagonists), you might want to have a look at the Italian cover.

Friday I hope to make a live post from Loncon, but if I forget, I’m sure you won’t miss it! 😉 I’m not bringing my camera, so unless somebody else snaps pictures, you won’t get any from me. I’m sure there’s plenty of Smartphone and i-pad users out there anyway… I’ll stick to my Nokia C1 and my Kindle Keyboard, thank you! 😉

Writerly links of the week: apparently Amazon has written to KDP authors, but I don’t receive their emails (I obviously unsubscribed to everything but whatever I need to upload to KDP) – which doesn’t change anything, because I’m not jumping in the Amazon/Hachette debacle anyway. I love Neil Gaiman’s response to someone who asked his opinion and if I happen to see him at Loncon, I’ll go shake his hand.

I don’t know. I won’t sign anything for anyone (just FYI – Douglas Preston letter pro-Hachette, and Hugh Howey/Joe Konrath’s letter pro-Amazon), but IMHO if a writer signed with Hachette, it’s Hachette he/she should complain with, not Amazon. But then, I chose not to go the traditional route precisely because I didn’t want to deal with those draconian contracts.

Apparently Hachette (US) CEO Michael Pietsch is sending out a response to the emails he’s getting (not from me, LOL). I’m honestly sick of the whole debacle. But if you’d like to smile at the whole thing, our neighborhood caricaturist (meaning she’s from this planet – you might remember I’m not too fond of borders and anything else artificially created to make us feel like we come from different planets) has made the caricature of Jeff Bezos.  Now can we have Mr. Pietsch as well to go with it? 😉

An interesting study on what makes people buy self-published books. For me it’s either I know the author or I like the cover. And here’s why you’ll never find me on Pinterest. Someone pointed out to me that the article is from 2012 – which doesn’t change much. It still doesn’t look like a good way of sharing images – but then, I don’t share many on my Facebook profile either.

Anyhow, here’s a useful chart for photo use. Finally, help a writer with a bad case of plagiarism. Have a great week!

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