Random Friday

So, I’m reading a book. Yeah, I know, duh. Except it’s a printed book. Small fonts. I’m thinking of requesting the e-book version to the author. And I look forward to get back to my Kindle.

It’s something I’ve seen with magazines as well. I still buy two monthly mags (one is a movie mag, the other has comics and other stuff) and especially the movie mag sometimes writes too small, or color on color and it becomes unreadable for me. I’m short-sighted, but obviously not only that. So probably I’ll stop buying paper reads soon.

Happened with a Lupo Alberto comic as well – it was printed in a pocket edition and felt often unreadable. So even comics… maybe when I’ll do the complete edition of SKYBAND, I’ll do it on A4 instead of A5 – for my own good, mostly! 😉

Even the Loncon program. I printed out Thursday, just in case I don’t reach registration on time Wednesday night and have to get my badge and program Thursday morning, but boy, was it hard to read… Mostly I read the title of the panel! I’ll have to buy a magnifying glass sometime… sigh! 😦

Anyhow – my failing eyes are a reason to stop drawing comics and graphic novels. I can still do the occasional illustration or portrait, but another saga… no. I’m paining enough with SKYBAND already. Still inking that chapter 14, in case you were wondering. And coloring with Photoshop will be even worse, I’m afraid.

So there – here’s to the Kindle. Maybe eventually I’ll start using its text-to-speech feature or will start buying audio books. At the moment I hate them – can’t concentrate on listening, so… why bother? I’d rather listen to music, you know? So we’ll see… And I will certainly skip my bookshop sprees – unless I’m looking for some non-fiction. Those books are better printed (as well as artbooks and comics – I have no more room on my shelves, ARGH!).

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend! 😉

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