Writer Wednesday

New month, new author of the month on the Smashwords Authors Goodreads group (although the widget down the sidebar still shows the old one). Come and meet Laurel, who might soon show up or send one of her characters on this blog. She writes historical fiction, so it’s a nice change! 🙂

I’ve also joined a group of beta-readers, since I’ve run out again. I still have the two most faithful, but they like different kinds of stories, and I’d rather hear from more voices what’s good and what’s not. Hope to find another Bookwatcher! 🙂

Smashwords made a blog post on how to do box sets or book bundles… I already have my own bundle out for a few more weeks, but maybe I can set up a group bundle with other authors. Although I’d have no idea which charity to pick. And there’s already Wyrd Worlds 2 coming out in September, which will be free – looking forward to that, even if I’ve beta-read only one story or two! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t read this book, and I already have an ITIN. But if you’re not American and want to self-publish here’s how to get an EIN number. I don’t know if the book is actually useful, since, like I said, I don’t need it. After one year of attempts by snail mail, I flew to London, went to the American Embassy there and got a permanent ITIN in a month and a half – when even calling the IRS from Long Island had failed. So I hope this book helps whoever still needs one. Again, I’m NOT affiliated with the author and I haven’t read the book.

If you’re just starting, you can try the Liliana Nirvana as explained by Hugh Howey. For me it’s a little too late with 80 titles already out, but if you’re just starting, you might want to give it a try. It might work, or not – I think it also depends on the genre – but it’s worth a try. I know it’s exciting to hit that “publish” button, but if you do it with a little insight and a business plan, you’ll probably succeed better than me! 😉

And if you’re already established, Joe Konrath’s dream of selling direct to library is in beta!

However, we’re currently only taking requests if you’ve sold more than 1000 ebooks and have gotten more than 100 reviews on your backlist. Even if you meet that criteria, we’re currently taking a limited amount of authors. eBooksAreForever will always reserve the right to make all final decisions on the books we offer to libraries.

Since I’m not that successful yet, I’ll just wait and see. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll be able to join too! 😀 And if you’re a Smashwords author in the Seattle area, you might want to try this contest and get into your public library… Good luck!

While I wait for the editor to go through the body switch, I’m mulling another B.G. Hope’s story, but I don’t know when I’ll know enough about the characters to start writing it. Probably next year. It will go nicely with Six Months and Choices, hopefully! 😉 I’m also thinking of dropping that pen name… all pen names… and keep just this one. But maybe I’m not in the right mood to decide yet.

Have a great week!

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