Sunday Surprise

Anyone noticed I missed a post? Yes? No? I meant to do a Saturday post, but yesterday I was down again, so I couldn’t find anything interesting enough to rant about. So I’m improvising today – hopefully making some kind of sense.

There’s an ongoing thunderstorm, which means the summer is still much cooler than usual. So I shouldn’t complain – I usually hybernate when it’s very hot, but it’s not hot this year. It’s a weird weather, though, and that probably upset my body a little.

Or maybe it’s my soul gearing me for Loncon, who knows. Even got an email that my flight was rescheduled 5 days earlier – tomorrow I’ll have to go to the travel agent to ask what’s going on. Meh.

I’ve stopped drawing again to keep my mind busy with translation and reading a book on self-healing. It’s in Italian, so I won’t really review it here! 😉 Hopefully this afternoon Techie Bro will bring Dear Nephew for a couple of hours, then I’ll see him in September when he’s back to school.

I’ve sent out a few forms for writers’ questions and characters interviews, so hopefully you’ll soon see guests here – and I might be a guest myself on some other blog. Now I  better go back to work – finish translating Saif’s Legacy so I can start working on Hakeem’s Rival… Have a great Sunday! 😀

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  1. The weather has been cooler than normal here in the US (Arkansas, at least). We’ve been really enjoying the abnormal temps and getting outside things done I’d ordinarily not want to do in high heat. I’m surprised to learn it’s been odd over there as well.


    • yeah, it’s a weird, cool summer – I should be happy, but the strange weather is affecting me anyway! 😦



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