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So-o, trudging through this weird summer, had a wonderfully creative weekend – not because I did a lot, but because Cristina came to work at my place (see what she’s working on?) and I could feel the creative energy flooding between the two of us. I finished a translation and inked a few pages of SKYBAND – and then it was Monday and the nausea was back. Meh.

Anyhow, saw the doctor, grabbed a med and went back to work. Started translating Saif’s Legacy, so I’ll be done when I leave for London and will be ready to start on Hakeem’s Rival, although probably neither this nor Kilig’s Heart will come out before October. But then, I need to send them out to Dear Beta who sometimes gets lost in life rolls… 😉

And then I’m thinking about creating that mailing list, but I’m not sure which novella I could offer as exclusive to new subscriber – something that won’t be published, so it might be something I still need to write. I’ve read a few more tips here, since even with NoiseTrade things are not going that well. Maybe offering a freebie will work?

Who knows. See this discussion on Goodreads about free and cheap books… in the meantime, I might upload another title on NoiseTrade, taking down the one that has been there for longer… I still don’t know how long I should leave them there sort-of free (tip is welcome, but not mandatory on NoiseTrade…).

Writerly links: how authors are not united – and if you’d like to see how those talkative best sellers see us (or even mid-list trad pubbed writers), go check Joe Konrath’s blog. Personally, I’m sick of the Amazon/Hachette diatribe and won’t sign any petition. And since I don’t read the best-sellers who are so loud online, they won’t miss me anyway. I only hope that wannabe writers don’t follow them as gospel.

Last link: The CMO guide to the 2014 social landscape. Feel free to follow or ignore its suggestions – I’ll stick to what I have! 🙂 Have a great week!

EDIT to add a link that arrived later: 8 ways for self-published authors to rise above their fear of metadata. Will have to print and study! 🙂

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  1. Thanks the links! Will check them out, though I know what so cashed real Authors think of us- at best we’re a cute joke and at worst they say things that make your ears bleed.
    Sounds like you’re getting a lot done! I need to get back to mine….


    • I’m slowing down… between the translation and this weird summer weather! And yes, I think bestseller authors think they’re the only ones entitled to write Literature. I’d rather write trash, thank you! 😉


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