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My name is Brenda de Zorig and I’m a journalist for the Konigtown Gazette. I’ve been on the road for years as an actress in an itinerant company, but eventually decided to go back to my hometown to start living of the thing I like the most – writing. So while I write my Masterpiece, I took this job at the Gazette and they send me on various assignments… I thought I might as well starting interviewing random people. Since I intend to write fiction, but truth is always stranger than fiction, I’m eager to hear about people out there – on my world or beyond.

So, I have people from Silvery Earth today – from our past, judging by their clothes. But wait, do I see double? *stares at two identical young men* Tell me a little about yourself.

R: I’m Prince Rohit of Amrendra and this is my twin brother Rahul…

H: I’m still not used to that. I grew up as Harish, and prefer to be called that.

R: You’ll have to get used to it, Rahul. We’re both heirs to Amrenda, a kingdom with a tradition of twin kings. We’re in our twenties now, and I’m married.

H: And I’m in love and will never marry, so what’s the fuss anyway?

In love but will never marry? Interesticn goncept! *eyes both and raises eyebrows* Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

R: Identical twins except for Rahul’s malformed right hand.

H: My name is Harish…

Twins! I should have know… So what’s the difference?

*Harish shows a hand with an extra half-finger*

Oh! I see… Do you have an enemy or nemesis? If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?

H: Master Zahir used to sell my body, so I don’t have a specific enemy. But when King Vijay of Lakeshi put his eyes on me… that was tough. He’s powerful and I’m just a jester.

R: Not anymore…

These two look identical, but are obviously different. The prince seems to sometimes look down on his brother….

R: I’m not! But he forgets who he really is!

H: I’ve had a more challenging life than you, obviously!

Whoa, calm down, both of you! Would you kill for those you love? And would you die for them?

R: Absolutely! My duty is to my family and my country!

H: I don’t know… usually Kartik takes care of me!

* glances at the third man * Well get to him later. Where do you live?

R: In Delen, capital of Amrendra, the most northern of the southern kingdoms. But our culture is closer to the southern than the northern, even if we have four seasons instead of three.

H: I’m a wandering jester and I’ve seen all the southern kingdoms with Master Zahir’s itinerant circus.

The southern kingdoms are long gone – you must have lived six centuries before my time! Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

R: I fell in love with a northern warrior woman – there’s nothing of the sort in our kingdom – but my princely duties mean that I had to marry a princess. I’m fond of my wife, Laxmi of Lakeshi, but I’m not really in love…

H: I fell in love with Kartik because he saved me from Master Zahir and King Vijay and he’s the most wonderful man in the world!

*stares longingly at Harish* What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

H: Escaping the clutches of King Vijay…

*sighs* Wish I’d been there… Do you have a family? Tell me about them.

R: I’m very close with my almost twin, my cousin Ajay. I didn’t know I had a twin myself until Rahul was found at the Lakeshian court. We both have sisters, married to other southern kingdoms princes.

H: I’m an orphan, Master Zahir took me in and trained me to be an acrobat.

R: You’re a prince now.

H: Still have to get used to that – and the new name…

And having a family, I assume. Sometimes it’s better not having it, right? Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

R: My sword teacher, Hiro, comes from the Island Empire and has almond-shaped eyes. I also learned some tricks from the warrior woman who stole my heart – I’m an excellent warrior, but I’ve never been to war.

H: I’m an acrobat and a dancer, but I can also be a target boy, especially if Kartik is the knife-thrower.

Well, thank you, my princes. I see there’s somebody else lurking behind you, so next time we’ll hear what he has to say…



Once upon a time there was a kingdom that mostly followed the southern traditions and culture but differed from the others for two main things: it was blessed with four seasons – instead of three, led by monsoon rains – and with twin royals, so there were always two interchangeable kings…

“The Northern Warrior”

The prince heir’s first (and unrequited) love.

“The Jesters”

Entertaining the court of Lakeshi and their lustful king.

“Twin Royalty”

Rohit and Rahul of Amrendra learn to know each other and prepare to reign together.

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