Writer Wednesday

MTSKhoodedman_resizeAnd a new title is up! Remember the hooded man? I sent it to Writers of the Future, and got a honorable mention! And now you can read it on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, B&N and DriveThruFiction – and then Apple! 🙂 I’m aware it’s not a very original title (in fact while I was waiting for Kobo to actually show it on my page lots of other titles came up in the search – and my own has #3 after the title), but it is a very original story, so check it out! 🙂

As for the writing – I’ve put aside the Amazons for now. The assassins’ guild is much more interesting! Besides, during last week’s offline writers meeting, a comment sparkled a brand new idea, so… A new character is introduced in the sequel and I will explore him in the third instalment and finish the story in the fourth – with the birth of the Varian Empire (seen in BoI – Fire) from the other side of the peaceful invasion! 🙂

And I’m writing another prequel, set in the same monastery you see in the opening of The Hooded Man – two centuries later… I think I’m going to spend the summer with these honorable assassins (well, next month I will have to translate Male Lovers, but then, there’s Saif’s Legacy in there as well, so… not completely away from it! 😉 Can’t get away from those brass wheels and pole-arms…)! 🙂

Kilig&Saif is currently with Dear Beta who requested a sequel, and then I’ll send her Kilig’s Heart (if I stop tinkering with it because I come up with more ideas – being a pantser doesn’t help sometimes!). I plan to finish that other prequel with the new character this week and maybe start outlining Hakeem’s Rival. Then I’ll take a translation break and get back to it in August…

When I’ll have a week off anyway, both for Loncon and because I’ll stay in London afterward. I have that one panel and if I don’t feel comfortable with it, they’re going to take me off the programme altogether, so I better try to find something to say. Apparently “At the moment it is very unlikely we will be able to allocate different panels – there are over 1000 people in our database“, so… we’ll see. I’ll brush up my fanziner hat and find something to say anyway, LOL!

Now, if only I could get back to drawing SKYBAND instead of wasting time with unused covers and portraits that don’t add anything to my publishing schedule (but they’re good to relax and brainstorm ideas with myself, LOL)… Except I find it easier to write at DayJob than draw at the moment, so I’ll keep writing… sorry for my only SKYBAND reader, I know you haven’t given up on me! 😉

Some writerly links! 🙂 Think there is only one way to publish a book? Wrong! Check the latest instalment of Killing the Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing! I’m still mostly in option #1, but don’t despair to eventually have some sort of co-op with other indies (and I do hire some stuff done already – some covers and the proof-reading/editing). As for selling books cheaply… I base the price on wordcount, and then sometimes I can offer a bundle for a discounted price – limited time offer (like the BoI on Amazon, Kobo, Apple and B&N)…

Just remember the basic rule: the money flows to the writer! Now I’m going to study what is Google Authorship… hoping it won’t take too much time! Since, much like fellow indie author Jonathan Gould, I’m anti-social and would rather be off writing than touting my horn on social media! 🙂 Have a great week! 😀

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