Sunday Surprise

Since I’m still mulling about those character interviews, I give you a WoW Sunday – words of wisdom or writers on writing, not that role-playing game! 😀

Perhaps that’s the best part of this new world. There is no longer one way to have a writing career. There are as many ways as there are writers.
I wish more writers would realize that, and understand the freedom that awaits them, if only they’d stop believing the myths, looking for rules, and trying to find the one true path. There is only one path: It’s your path. You just have to build it, one step at a time.

Kris Rusch


I follow a simple motto when it comes to my writing, one that I actually have taped to my monitor as a daily reminder: Write your own favorite book.
What I mean is, I try not to pigeonhole myself as a young adult writer or a children’s writer or a mystery writer or a science fiction writer or literary writer, though in my short career, you could already make the case that any one of those labels applies.  I just try to write my own favorite book.  I’m not saying I always succeed, but that’s the goal.  I write stories that I want to read, hopefully ones that will stick with me long after the final page is written/read.

Scott William Carter


The artist has an obligation to be en route, to be going somewhere. There’s a journey involved here, and you don’t know where it is, and that’s the fun. So you’re always going to be seeking and looking and going and trying to challenge yourself.
– George Carlin

I love being a writer. What I can’t stand is the paperwork.
– Peter De Vries

I congratulate Kevin on his success, and am glad he’s worked things out. But I also encourage him, and all authors, to unplug once and a while. Your books will continue to sell without you checking on them constantly.

It’s also worth noting that sales rise and fall depending on too many factors to count, but there usually is a gradual decline in sales over time. This decline can be countered by doing promotions (BookBub and ebookbooster) and releasing more titles. Tweeting constantly about the one book you have for sale isn’t going to make it go viral. And lapsing into panic and depression because you fell out of the Top 100 in your genre is silly. My titles have bounced around quite a bit in ranking, and have been doing so for years.

You don’t have control over your ranking, or your sales, and worrying is a useless emotion. Instead, focus on what you do control. Any other path leads to madness…

Joe Konrath

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