Writer Wednesday

I have uploaded another title to Noise Trade – Allan de Sayek. Since downloads on the previous one have stopped, I’m trying to add a title. Conall’s sons will be taken down at the end of the month, like I had in mind. And this title will stay until the end of July. Maybe mid-July I’ll add the August title – but mid-August I’ll be at Loncon, so I won’t have time to upload anything! 🙂 As usual, tip is welcome, but not mandatory…

I had my schedule for Loncon, but it might change, since the panel they gave me I don’t think I have much to say. So I’ll wait and see if they find me something else before announcing what panels I will be on! 🙂

There is still time if you would like to submit a story to Wyrd Worlds II. Here are the guidelines – deadline is being postponed to July, so dust off those SFF short stories and send them along! 🙂 I might add an Amazon short story, since I have another month to submit! 😉

I got some money from Kobo – royalties since November 2012 to (I think) May 2014 finally meeting the minimum treshold for the payment. Not that they give any description of what the transfer refers to… and there’s nothing on the dashboard, so… I’ll just add the money on the royalty sheet, shrug and go back to writing. Another bill paid…

And I had another unexpected happiness yesterday – maybe my real job is trying to distract me from dreadful DayJob – but I will tell you more about it later… I’ll just put the new vignette here for now.

144Writing-wise, I’m done with Kilig’s Heart and I’ve rewritten the body switch, so now I’m going to try that Amazon short before I write the third part of Kilig&Hakeem. Giving what’s done to betas right now, including offline beta who is finally back in Rome! 🙂 Busy today and tomorrow with the offline writers group meeting and Dear Nephew, I’ll get back to serious writing on Friday… if I don’t take a bus to the town center and see if I can do something about darn DayJob.

Now, some writerly links: This is the single biggest mistake indie authors make while promoting their work and I’m not doing it, mostly because I’m not on Twitter. But then, I’m not doing it on Facebook either! 😉 It’s true, though – 20000 followers don’t equal 20000 sales. I’d be much better off if all the people who follow this blog or like my author page also bought my books (even only half of them).

If you’re wondering if you’ve missed the boat of indie publishing, no, you haven’t. Check Dean Wesley Smith’s blog and learn why. If I can get some peace of mind at DayJob, I really should try one of his online workshops as well. But until my mornings are clouded with uncertainty and bad mood, I don’t think I can concentrate on anything…

Sometime this summer I’ll have to prepare the new POD versions of the CVE. I’ve got the low-res files of the new covers, and they look better than mine – especially for POD. So I’ll do the CreateSpace version in my free time this summer, and order the proofs in September (useless doing it during the summer, they’d never get here). I’ll decide later if leaving the e-book cover as is or change it with the new cover. I’ll make a poll when I’m ready! 😉 Have a great week!

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  1. Congratulations 🙂



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