Random Friday

Not sure if you’re following the discussion on my thread on Goodreads, but I’ve said that I feel like an alien who wants to go home. Well, maybe this E.T. will soon go home, thanks to this warp drive spaceship! 🙂 Wonders never cease, do they? Although the first flight will probably over-crowded… and very expensive… so I’ll keep going home with my mind for now! 😉

Bu the way, I feel mean and rude, but I’ve “unfriended” someone on Goodreads. He kept inviting me to groups, none of which interested me, one was even secret and based on GR recommendations – now I don’t want any recommendations, neither on Goodreads or anywhere else. My TBR list is long enough already.

I’m still trudging through the novellas finalists for the Hugos, and I’m still not impressed (although now I can say I’ve read something by Charles Stross, one of the Hachette authors fisked by Joe Konrath). I spent too much time reading only my own stuff, and probably lost touch with what the market really wants. Which doesn’t mean I’ll start writing for the market, but it makes it harder for me to find my 5000 True Fans. Sigh.

Now the summer is here, which probably means tomorrow I’m going to skip the Bollywood Dance workshop here in Rome, because leaving the house at 3pm is suicide. Sorry, Ambili Abraham, I guess I’ll never get to meet you – or watch you on the Italian TV for that matter! 😉

I’ve watched an Italian movie, Anni Felici, a fictionalized version of the director’s youth in the summer of 1974. The two kids were wonderful and even if that year I was living abroad, yeah, the 70s were all there. It has English subtitles if you’d like to check it! 🙂

Internet bullies and one more reason not to put all your eggs in one (Amazon) basket. My internet connection is driving me nuts, so I’m signing off now. Have a great weekend!

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