Writer Wednesday

And Amazon Summer is now live on… Amazon (LOL), Smashwords, Kobo.  DriveThruFiction and even Apple! Coming soon: Barnes&Noble – it was the fastest to go live, does that mean I need to go direct now? Draft2Digital is a better converter than Smashwords… sigh!

I might slightly modify the lettering after some suggestions on Facebook, but the artwork is all there – ain’t she lovely, my warrior queen? 😉 I’ve tinkered with the cover lettering and can’t decide which is better, so… you tell me (note: the numbers are only so you can tell me which cover you prefer, they’re not part of the cover! 😉 So, which one?)

TXT attemptsHere’s the blurb for this second volume:

The second collection of stories set in the Queendom of Maadre a.k.a. Amazons Country. “Amazons’ Men” shows the men themselves – public men or slaves, but still human. “Uncommon Amazons” shows how men can be treated very differently by two sisters. “The Queen’s Son” is another uncommon man with a rebellious mind… An extract of “Books of the Immortals – Water” introduces the reader to Keira the Amazon.

I’m putting the final touches to Saif&Kilig before sending it to my very critical and detail-oriented beta-reader who will probably point out where I was lacking (of story points, descriptions or whatnot). Then I’m starting on Kilig’s Heart, sequel to Saif’s Legacy.

Now, about killing the sacred cows of indie publishing – I’m as guilty as Dean for leaving my garden untended, but I have commissioned new covers for the CVE (and they’re coming along fine, I’ll use them also for the POD version with CreateSpace) and I did revise the first novel I uploaded (BoI – Air) last year – so 2 years after it was first published. I’ve also started a spreadsheet to check which titles sell more (in terms of income, which means I don’t count the SW sales and free downloads). But I’m still one and only, so I’m doing my best! 🙂

Now, the heat is coming and my head isn’t functioning very well, so that’s all for now. I’m going back to writing… Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Nikalee

     /  12/06/2014

    Gosh, what a great cover! I love it. I think the lettering on the first two samples is a little hard to read, because the colour blends in with the picture’s colours. Number three and four are the best; out of the two I think number four is the better one. It’s clear, easy to read, and doesn’t detract from the picture.



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