Random Friday

By accessing the blog through bling search I discovered I have a fan of my sketches… would have been nice if he’d linked back to me, but whatever! 😉 Nice selection of my portraits of Hrithik, dear! 😀 Now let’s hope that the man himself stops twittering and has a look… The whole gallery with both Da Muses and others and the calendar 2014 – although I should probably take that down, since it’s June…

I’d do another Art Friday, but I didn’t do any new pencil portrait, and the new cover is still under wraps. The title (a couple more tales of the southern kingdoms) should come out at the end of the month, so not a long wait anyway.

I’m currently reading the Hugo finalists, but I haven’t found anything worth reporting yet. I’ve started with the short stories, then the novelettes, and now the novellas – I probably won’t have time to read the novels, much like it happened two years ago before Chicon, so I probably won’t vote this year either… but at least I’ll be at the Worldcon! I hope I’ll find some interesting panels to attend!

Now, tomorrow I’m off to the medieval dinner again, and hopefully when I come back on Sunday I’ll be able to upload Amazon Summer… if I get the cover. The e-book is ready, but the cover is still missing. Shit happens when you hire offline long-time friends who live in your hometown to do your covers… and that’s why I’m happier when I hire online friends from another part of the world who are delightful to work with! 🙂 (yes, Shafali, I mean you!)

Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. heh-heh, I google myself now and then 😉


    • I have a google alert for my pen names, but at the office there’s Bing as search engine, and since I don’t want to bookmark my blog on company’s property, I do a quick search… and that’s how I found the results differ if you do it on Google or Bing! 🙂


      • I may need to go bing myself then…. Ok.. That doesn’t sound as good as Google….


        • LOL! I’m just too lazy to type “Google” in the Bing search space at work! 😉


  2. Hi Barb,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. It’s a pleasure working for you. I really love to do the covers for your books.

    I can imagine how you must’ve felt when you saw your credit-stripped artwork on another site. It used to irk me, but I seldom hit back…but when the most prominent newspaper in the country did it, I finally lost my patience. I don’t know if I won or lost (never got an apology from them,) but I did hear that the woman who was responsible for the sick deed got an earful from the management.

    At another time, a German studio started building an FB page with my images (after stripping them off my signature and other credit information,) but some other German was kind enough to inform me of the issue. It was finally taken down.

    But the best one yet? That deserves a post. Let me make one today 🙂

    – Shafali


    • well, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it if it didn’t say “by creativebarbwire” at the top of the post! 😉 I wasn’t googling my images, just searching for the blog. And my signature is still there, so there is sort of credit. He might have sent a pingback, but there’s an incompatibility between WordPress and Blogspot – although I’m sure you get my pingbacks if I link to one or your posts, a Blogspot user probably won’t see mine and vice versa…
      And since here I put the drawings without watermark, I’m assuming he got them from here (since on DA they’re watermarked), so… teaches me NOT to post them on the blog, just add links to DeviantART! 🙂


      • Good for you and I am glad that the blogger had the integrity to not strip the images of your signature 🙂 Yet, unless your blog says otherwise, he must’ve asked for your permission, especially as the link-back for missing.

        IMHO “Stealing is stealing! Period.” (Read my latest post – triggered by your post.)


  1. Stealing is stealing! Period – Don’t disguise Plagiarism as Appreciation. | Shafali's Caricatures & Cartoons
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