Random Friday

And it’s Art Friday, since Cristina spent three days with me, inspiring me! First have a look at her WiP of Amazon Summer cover… looking forward to the final digital painting! 🙂 I must say she’s done amazing progress in digital painting since those covers for the BoI (BTW, here’s the “flat” version of the box set – she kindly helped to “clean” the women to make the new cover that I pasted together with the elements symbols done my myself))…

BoI box setI mentioned drawing before starting to write, so here goes the Assassins Guild: Saif, Karuna/Kilig and Mirabella (Hakeem’s mother).

Karuna compositeYou can see the final drawings here: Karuna and Saif&Mirabella. I also did some dragon studies (yes, there’s a dragon in one of the stories – actually, a half-Fajrulo for those familiar with Silvery Earth), finally using the book I bought myself in London last November.

FajruloColored_resizeAnd then I did a new cover for Jessamine – while I tried something for my experiment, but I’m not very happy with the results yet. I mean I still have a lot of work to do. But I like the new cover, so I might finish the project this summer.

Jessamine WiP_resizeAnd here’s the final version… Oh, and yesterday I did my very first animated GIF! Like I said on DeviantART, since I have a very old Photoshop, I had to look for instructions for doing it with Photoshop Elements…

Barb.animatedShould I change my Avatar everywhere?! 😀 Why did I do this? Because of this DeviantART contest which also included a tutorial (for Photoshop CS5 or CS6)… No, I’m not submitting it, but I’ve always wondered how to do animated GIFs… and now I know! 😉

Ending on a silly note – while browsing Pinterest (no, I haven’t opened an account there), I found this… and now I want one (scroll down to the last image), LOL! If it’s Barbie-sized, it’s perfect, since my Barbie is the model’s age! 😀 Yep, showing my age again… 😉

Have a great weekend!

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  1. they all look awesome!

    yes, join pinterest….



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