Sunday Surprise

Some general writerly wisdom to close the month… and my two-weeks break! Tomorrow I’m back to DayJob… but I’ll keep writing! 🙂

I love having more ideas than I can write. I love the fact that all of the series that died due to the loss of my editor, the loss of a book line, the consolidation of publishers, the failure of a sales force, or just being the wrong series at the wrong time can now be resurrected. I have hundreds of stories left to tell, and I plan to  tell as many of them as I can in whatever time I have left.
– Kris Rusch

As an author and a critic, it has long been my practice to only give reviews to books that I genuinely like. I don’t have to think that it’s the greatest book ever written (we can’t all be Shakespeare), but it does have to excite me and persuade me that others will like it, too.
I don’t give negative reviews to books. If I don’t like one, I toss it aside. I don’t have time to read books that I don’t like. I figure that in most cases, lesser books will sink into anonymity. (Though one megahit last year mystified me.)
– David Farland

To sum up: The key to making it as a writer is to write a lot, write great stories, publish them yourself, spend more time writing, study the industry, act like a pro, network, be nice, invest in yourself and your craft, and be patient. If you can do all of these things, you’ll earn some money. Maybe enough to pay a bill every month. Maybe enough to get out of debt. Maybe enough to quit your job. Thousands of writers are doing this, and we are welcoming all comers with open arms.
– Hugh C Howey

I spent a lot of years trying to turn myself into a brand because they told us self-branding is a way to success. And I kind of believed the hype. It’s just not true. To this day, I see writers publishing their first book or their second book and I can just see them going overboard with the marketing and getting all hyped up about it. You just have to write. If something good happens for you, post it on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or wherever you make your social-media home, but don’t overdo it. Enough with the marketing! Enough with the goddamn marketing already! I’m sick of it.
Neal Pollack

Embrace the old as we embrace the new because we’re on the frontier, and there are no rules on the frontier. We can actually break rules that nobody’s thought to make yet. We can enter through doors that still say, ‘Exit only.’ We can climb in through windows.
The model for tomorrow, and this is the model that I’ve been using with enormous enthusiasm since I started blogging back in 2001 – probably since I started using CompuServe end of 1988, the model is try everything. Make mistakes. Surprise ourselves. Try anything else. Fail. Fail better. Succeed in ways we would never have imagined a year ago or a week ago. I think it’s time for us to be dandelions willing to launch a thousand seeds and lose 900 of them if a hundred or even a dozen survive and grow and make a new world. And I think that’s a lot wiser than waiting for 1993 to come back around again.
– Neil Gaiman

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