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Okay, I’ve been tinkering with book bundles covers… so what do you think looks better? A new cover that comprises all the covers (left) or a box set (a photo of the POD version – right), considering that this bundle will only be sold as e-book?

box setI have found an article on how to do book bundles – and their covers, but I’m still much experimenting. Since it’s a single author bundle, I’m probably going to put the books in chronological order (at least for Silvery Earth – B.G. Hope can be in any order I want her to)… Lots of work to do still. And yes, this is probably a writing post more than a random rant, but well… that’s what’s been bothering me this week! 😉

I’m also working on that experiment with Jessamine, so I unpublished the graphic novel version from Smashwords. Even if it had 1106 downloads, I don’t think it boosted my sales of the other titles, so I feel free to unpublish it and use it for my experiment with the prose version. Both were free titles (and in fact I had to take the graphic novel out of B&N since the similar title meant they showed only one, so those reviews you see on B&N mostly refer to the graphic novel. Eventually I’ll unpublish even the prose version for a complete revision – it was my first published title, after all!).

Busier than when I’m working, I didn’t have time to do another pencil portrait or two of Da Muses… and didn’t watch any new movies either, since I “wasted” time with re-watchs. And I didn’t read anything new, because I was busy checking my own manuscripts. And I’m supposed to be on vacation, LOL! Anyhow, next week back to routine… maybe… DayJob is rickety lately, makes me wish they make me redundant! Oh, well… “Never give up, never surrender!” (maybe this weekend I’ll watch Galaxy Quest again, to have a good laugh before going back to dreaded DayJob!) 😉

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  1. Hm, I think the box set on makes it obvious that it’s a group of books. The other one might just look like a fancy cover 😀 But to be honest, I think either would work 🙂


    • I have come up with a different cover and have found a box set template… So I’ll use that! 🙂 I’ve been experimenting for 2 days straight – and it helped that the cover artist is here with her advice! 😉


  2. I’d go with the 5-covers, and maybe even include full-size cover images inside the bundle e-book, too. 🙂


    • You shall see soon what I came up with! 🙂 The single covers are also included in the box set at the beginning of each book. Makes for a 5MB mobi file and almost 2MB e-pub, but whatever… will upload soon! 🙂


  3. honeybadgersbookclub

     /  23/05/2014

    I like the one on the right, but then I’m a sucker for box set-type cover images. It feels like (and I know this is irrational) that you’re getting more value for money, somehow.


    • Thank you – having fount the box set template, that’s what I’m going to use for box sets! 🙂


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