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I managed to catch a cold simply sitting at home – outside was warmer… – which kind of slowed my writing and everything else, but well… I think I’m still on schedule. I have completed the body-switch and the tales of the Southern Kingdoms, and sent them out to betas. I’m now working on a couple of shorts about the Assassins’ Guild seen in Saif’s Legacy.

I’m also working on those bundles and other experiments. I’ve seen the bundles covers look like printed box sets, even if they’re just bundles of e-books, so I’ll have to think about that when I prepare the covers! 🙂 The DriveThru  bundles are coverless, which is probably what makes them a little unattractive… Anyhow, I have another half week to finish the experiments.

Writerly links! Nobody has to read your stuff by Michelle D. Argyle. I guess this is valid not only for readers, but also for beta-readers. I wasn’t offended that a friend who came over last weekend told me “I don’t read that kind of books” (very honest of her), but sometimes I get cranky when beta-readers turn me down or are busy. I’ll end up publishing stuff without a second set of eyes except the editor going over the story – which takes me back to my beginning over 30 years ago, except I didn’t hit that “publish” button back then. Meh.

Dean Wesley Smith on translation rights. Okay, you should have realized by now that agents are going the way of the dodo and you should just keep them away with a very long stick. As for translations – I’m bilingual and do my own translations of certain works. So far only the Star Minds series is available in both Italian and English and the sales of the Italian version surpass the English version – I think because it’s SFF, so a genre that doesn’t have many competitors in Italy. The other Italian titles don’t sell (except the variations of MM stories – another very specific niche appealing also to yaoi lovers). But English is understood all over the world (and that’s why I decided to publish in English first, except for the stories that were too Italian to be translated), so don’t worry your pretty head with translations rights and just follow Dean’s advice! 🙂

Joe Konrath suggests it’s time to reform copyright – and talks about piracy too. And then goes on a Konrant about the new world of publishing that pairs nicely with Hugh Howey’s post on how self-publishing will save literary fiction. I’ve also learned to write on a manual and then electric typewriter – but you young author of the digital age have a headstart on me with the technology. If I can do it, so can you.

I’ve added  to the useful links for writers The 50 Best Sites for Indie and Self-Published Authors to help you with your career! And check this Hugh Howey interview to inspire you… Happy writing! 🙂


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