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Last guest for this month, another Smashwords author I met on Goodreads. She will be author of the month after the summer, so this is really a preview and insight into her.  Although she has her own thread already and will participate to Wyrd Worlds II… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Victoria Zigler!

0e834a609b65d6f4c44b22eaf9be2c55cbc35753-thumbWhere do you live and write from?

I live in a town near the sea in the South-East of England, UK, and write from the comfort of the little apartment I share with my hubby and our pets. I was born and raised in the shadow of the Black Mountains in South Wales, UK, spent some time living in Alberta, Canada, and now live in the South-East of England, UK. Since I’ve been writing all my life, I’ve ended up writing while living in all three places.”

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since I was really young; I fell in love with the written word from the moment I learned to read and write, and have been writing ever since. As a child about half my writing was done in Welsh, but by the time I was in my teens I was only really writing in Welsh for school while doing my leisure writing in English, and these days I only ever write in English.”

8c4cb912da1c78a6dac91ed3520ee23a78f940d2-thumbWhat genre(s) do you write?

“I write a variety of children’s fiction, and some poetry. I’ve tried writing for older audiences, but I prefer writing for children, and people who have read my writing over the years have enjoyed my children’s fiction more than the things I’ve written aimed at older readers. Most of my poetry isn’t aimed at children though.”

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?

I find my inspiration from everywhere: from wondering about alternative ways other stories could have happened, or from asking ‘what if’ questions about things that happen around me or things I hear on the news, or from over-heard snippets of conversation, and so on. As for putting myself in to the story… Well, most authors end up doing that a little, whether they mean to or not, but in my case I intentionally did with my ‘Toby’s Tales’ series, which is a semi-fictionalized five book series telling of the struggles faced by a little boy named Toby after losing his sight, and is loosely based on my own experiences with sight loss.”

a780466de5b7b183cc8b9a55cdb6853cf3e2f3ee-thumbDo you have a specific writing routine?

I don’t do well with routines. I have an irregular sleep schedule, and like to do things when I’m good and ready if I can, so a routine just doesn’t end up working out for me for more than a couple of days. Mostly I sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry, and write when I’m feeling creative. I usually end up doing at least a little writing each day though, even if it’s just a few words.”

Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?

“I think outlines restrict the story too much, and – though I’ll sometimes have an idea where the story will end up by the end – prefer to just sit down and write; letting the story take me where it will. As for my writing speed… It varies. Sometimes I can get the first draft of a story done in a day and will go back to it so much that within a week or two it’s gone from an idea floating about in my head to a story that’s ready to be published, but other times I’ll need a week or two to even finish the very first draft, let alone all the other drafts and the editing. Mostly I’m a fast writer and can finish a story in a couple of weeks though.”

bc0f66a906fe3e6483dbcb9c79aaaaccc7c5c6f4-thumbTell us about your latest book

My latest book is called ‘Thistle The Fairy Trickster’ and is loosely based on the well-known story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’. It tells the story of a little fairy named Thistle, who decides to have some fun by tricking the other fairies in to coming to help non-existent children she claims are in need of help from the fairies, and does it so many times that the other fairies get fed up of her tricks and won’t believe her when there really is a child who needs help. It was published on May 16th 2014, and you can buy it from Smashwords in all formats they offer by going to as well as from some other ebook retailers. It will also be available in print some time in the near future.”

Indie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?

Indie publishing. I like to be able to work to my own schedule, and I want full control over my finished books, so I prefer to self-publish. It means I’m on my own with marketing, but I think the benefits of having complete control over everything from the idea to the completed book is worth the extra work involved in marketing.”

11e73a5ae4fdeac8604e083a5b68e383ba685648-thumbAny other projects in the pipeline?

I’ve always got at least one project in the pipeline. Right now I’m working on finishing up a book called ‘Jinx And The Faerie Dragons’ and have another in early draft called ‘Cubby And The Beanstalk’. ‘Jinx And The Faerie Dragons’ is about a pixie and some faerie dragons who end up in danger when their thirst for fun and adventure gets them caught by goblins, and ‘Cubby And The Beanstalk’ is a re-telling of ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ with my own twists to the tale, and a whole lot of bears; Cubby himself is a little polar bear.”

What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?

My goal is to become popular enough that I know there are at least several dozen people waiting to grab my next book; hundreds of people waiting for my next book would be even better, but if I can at least get a few dozen fans I’ll have achieved my goal. After that I can work on getting the number up in to the hundreds. To try and achieve this I’m taking every opportunity I can to get some publicity; grabbing every interview opportunity I can, for example. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool out there, so I’m hoping if I spread my name about enough then enough people will learn I exist that I’ll get a couple of dozen people to buy my books, then they’ll tell their friends, and the next thing you know I’ll have loads of people eager to read my books. That’s the plan anyway. If you want to help me achieve my goal, then tell your friends with children about my books… Please? *Gives you a pleading and hopeful look*”

fd4dec907f4cd5cfb5bece4f026b85f1311b8bf3-thumbWhere to find Tori online

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     /  19/05/2014

    I greatly enjoy Tori’s writings – she has quite a range: from whimsical to profound. I hope she writes much more.


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