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Draft Zero of the third body switch is done. Beta-readers and cover artist will soon get it. I need to re-read it, but I want to wait until next week, so I can see it with a fresh eye. I had fun writing this one as much as I had with Ciaran&Harith. Probably because the first was “recycled” from a screenplay I wrote in my attempt to conquer Hollywood, it wasn’t as much fun to turn into prose.

Anyhow, now I’ll write the last tale of the Southern Kingdoms that I couldn’t pin at the end of April, due to distressing news at DayJob – I’m almost over them, especially since I’ll be on vacation next week. Not going anywhere, but not going to work either! Well, I’ll have to work on the publishing side of my real job, and that’s also a source of anxiety. So I’ll try to nail that short story before the vacation starts! πŸ™‚

I’ll also use the time off DayJob to refocus on my goals, rekindling my dreams. In case you’re not aware of the difference, read Hugh Howey’s post. I have the same goal of the 5000 copies in my lifetime – I call it my 5000 true fans – and I need to find a way to spread the name and titles, so those 5000 people can find me in the ocean of books out there. Of course I also dream of becoming a successful author, but my goal is not to enter the Kindle Million Club, just to find those 5000 readers! πŸ™‚

So I will start experimenting with bundles. There is already a couple of bundles on DriveThru (the Books of the Immortals or the Chronicles of the Varian Empire), but I will try to do a bundle on Amazon, leave it for up to six months – as suggested on David Gaughran’s blog – and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll try to get a title on story bundle – I’m going to pass on the latest offer, since I haven’t started on the other two bundles yet. My TBR pile never goes down – especially if I keep buying budles! 😦

Then I need to write two more shorts for submissions… and that should take me to the end of May. In June I’ll be translating Male Lovers, hoping it will do well like the Italian version of Star Minds. The Amazon.it royalties paid my electricity bill a few days ago – little indie author’s happiness! πŸ™‚ I will spare you the unhappiness (it has to do with the new KDP sales dashboard – I’ve sent them my feedback), but know there is one there too. It’s not all easy and funny, no. But I’ll keep trudging forward. I know I’ll reach my goals. If the dreams come true as well… even better. If not, at least I’ll have to set up new goals! πŸ™‚

One last link – I used to follow Jai Joshi’s blog religiously, until I ran out of time (and she started doing vlogs)! She was one of my first Indian blogging friends, along with Hema, but then life happened and I lost track of her. I’m still following her on Goodreads and that’s where I saw her latest announcement: now she’s putting on Kindle her Mahabharat short story series, so go check this latest post from her – yeah, free Kindle book! If I didn’t have such a long TBR list, I’d add it to the mix… hopefully, one day… sigh…

Have a great week!

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  1. Viv

     /  07/05/2014

    “Never give up. Never surrender!” Galaxy Quest.
    Have a great break. Can you PM me when you are going to be in London this summer as I forgot to make a note of it? If we coincide, perhaps there’s a coffee we can meet over!


    • Hey, I’m the one who constantly quotes Galaxy Quest, LOL!
      Hopefully I’ll sort things out during the break… will keep you posted for the rest! πŸ™‚


  2. Viv

     /  07/05/2014

    πŸ˜€ it’s one of my favourite funny films. Did you ever get into Firefly? brilliant stuff and funny dialogue too.


    • nope, I stopped watching TV – and I’m sure British TV has a lot of funny series. I don’t get American humor much, LOL!


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