Random Friday

Total randomness today. First, here’s what my sister-in-law is working on at the moment. You can see her at the end of the slideshow. Yes, I’m sure we could take greater care of our monuments, but I’m not too fond of roman ruins! 😉 That’s just me, though…

I tried a sample of a book – I shall get back to it some day (when my TBR list goes down). But from the sample I can already recommend it: Managing Your Inner Artist / Writer: Strategies for Success. If you have writers’ block or other problems, go and check it. Again, the sample will be enough to tell you if it’s for you or not.

He should have been nominated for a Hugo, but well… maybe next year. It’s official, though: Maurizio Manzieri will be at Loncon. If you’re there, don’t forget to check him in the Artist Alley! 🙂 The program is still in flux, so I don’t know if and when I’ll have panels… but I’ll most certainly stop there at some point! 😉

Also, if you write SFF and would like to be featured on Duane’s blog like me, here’s the GR thread… He wants more, so go ahead! 🙂 And stay tuned for his interview… Also, I saw this a little too late to send in my pic, but since it’s still ongoing… for those of you who have Twitter, share it #weneeddiversebooks – I posted the link on my Facebook page yesterday…

If you’d like to support a bright, colorful italian graphic novel project, here’s the link to the crowdfunding request by Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini, authors of many titles previously published by names such as Sergio Bonelli, Delcourt, Ankama, Mondadori, Hachette, Les Humanoïdes associés, DeAgostini, Panini.

Lots of random randomness, I know. Sorry, but DayJob is killing me and I have the attention span of a chihuahua. Looking forward to my 2-weeks break from the 10th of May. Have a wonderful weekend!

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