Sunday Surprise

And this month too some writerly wisdom for you! Enjoy!

I tend to recommend to people: write what you love to read. Trying to write something that you don’t have a taste for or don’t understand is a waste of your time. The likelihood that you will succeed is terribly slim. Even if you do succeed, you’ll always be looking over your shoulder, wondering what else you could have done with your time that would be more fulfilling.
– David Farland


When I write, I create, markets be damned. When I’m at my writing computer, I don’t care if what I write will sell for millions. In fact, I don’t care if what I write sells at all.
I don’t always achieve that; if you people could see the image in my head that I’m trying to match, you’ll see that it trumps what’s on the page every time. When I write fiction, I am constantly struggling to improve my craft enough to get what’s in my head on the page, every single time.
Failure is an option. If the manuscript doesn’t work, I redraft—in other words, I throw out everything I did and try again. Yes, that means I write sometimes two or three times more material than the readers will see in print. And yes, that means I sometimes toss out more material than I publish.
I figure it’s the price I pay to tell the story I want to tell.

Kris Rusch


Writing for a market is a dangerous choice. If I write for myself, then there is one person in the world guaranteed to be pleased with it.

Vivienne Tuffnell


As always, when you run your business, you need to set your own attainable goals. “Attainable” means they are within your power. Anything that requires the “yes” or “no” from someone else isn’t a goal, it’s a dream.

Finishing my next book by the end of March and getting it live is a goal.

Selling my series to Hollywood is a dream.

Joe Konrath


I don’t worry about the industry because there is very little I can do about it. Here I will give out some free advice to “newbies”: Stop worrying so much about the business and spend that time WRITING. I know one thing—if I write a good enough book, readers will find it if it’s on digital or paper or stone tablets. If the book isn’t good enough, checking your Amazon rankings and tweeting how wonderful you are, isn’t going to help.

Harlan Coben

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  1. Viv

     /  27/04/2014

    Very honoured to be quoted here. Thanks! 😀



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