Random Friday

And it’s another Art Friday, but this time I’ll delight you with my so-called art! 😉 It was a drawing long weekend, so here are the results.

First Muse #2 with former Muse – see DeviantART for the materials used…


Then I did Muse #1 in color, although the beard… ARGH! 😦 Next image will be from the 20th century, so I don’t have to “shave” him in the drawing! 😉

2014fourth_resizeAnd then I did the cover/illustration for another tale of the Southern Kingdoms. I did it before starting the actual story – while I brainstormed the paragraph of idea that I was supposed to write. At least I knew who the two people were – a southern prince and a northern warrior woman – but I wasn’t sure of how they interacted.

NorthernWarriorAttemptsAnyhow, please help me choose which of the two… models me and Muse #2 – with some difficulty, since men don’t wear traditional clothes very often (women wear designer sari and traditional dresses for ceremonies, but men… not so much) and I had already used one image for Ker-ris. But I found another and made the most northern kingdom clothes slightly different from the others.

I have also drawn the background and made an attempt cover, but even if the e-book will have 2 stories, I’m not sure I want to put both titles on the cover. Maybe I’ll put just the title of the story illustrated and add “bonus story” in the description. Final cover is still a few months away anyway, so I might end up doing another attempt.

That’s all for today! Bank holiday in Italy, so I’m home, writing and recovering from the back ache I got at DajJob (we’re moving offices, it’s been an awful 3-days week, although I got out 15 minutes earlier yesterday, having the computer pulled away from me! 😉 Monday new place, brrr), and hopefully will be drawing more this weekend – if I finish the next story first! Have a great weekend!


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