Writer Wednesday

Hope you had a great Easter break. Me? I’ve finished the stories for Amazon Summer – will have to find betas soon – and started writing more tales of the Southern Kingdoms. More on this on Friday. I’ll be uploading a new title, but it’s in Italian, and not really worth reading, even if you’re bilingual… that’s why I won’t translate it, LOL!

Before sending my story to Wyrd Worlds, I’m going to submit it to one last magazine, just in case. I’m choosing the ones with faster response times. In one case they don’t say how long it takes to respond, so I won’t send them anything. Just because I don’t want to write another story for Wyrd Worlds 2 and Mighty Editor/Publisher Steph said this time we must submit unpublished material. So that story will have to do, since I don’t plan to publish it before the fall and I still have to write the other stories that go with it.

Writerly links: We haven’t even started by Hugh Howey – that sci-fi future kinda scares me, but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. There’s no going back anyway. And the generational divide pointed by Kris Rusch? Yeah, that scares me too, but again, there’s no going back, so… Onward and forward! 🙂

How to be more efficient by Ruth Ann Nordin. Just in case you can’t put your butt in your chair and just write, follow her advice. And then take it up a notch, as David Farland puts it.

Oh, and if you really really really want to hear about the secret of success… Moira Allen nailed it! 🙂 And if you need help for your character names… I have a couple of online baby names of different ethnicities, or some fantasy names generators and sometimes I even make them up. Considering I have many countries on Silvery Earth (or many planets in Star Minds), I try to be consistent in naming races or countries…

I guess that’s all for today… have a great week! 🙂

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