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AmazonSpringDTFAmazon Spring is now available for pre-order on Kobo only. I’ve experimented this feature with an Italian title (Star Minds Snippets) but there were no sales. So prove me it’s worth to have a pre-order thingy on a title – albeit only 15 days before release.

Yes, I could try to do a pre-order for Amazon Summer as well, since I now have the first story to work as sample (although it’s a novel extract, so nothing new), but… dunno. If anyone had experience with pre-orders, please chime in, thank you! 🙂

The e-book will go live on April 15, when it will be available also at the other retailers – except probably Apple, unless I manage to upload it to Draft2Digital before I head for Torino Comics. As soon as I come back on Sunday 13th, I’ll upload to Amazon, Smashwords and DriveThruFiction.

It’s a reprint of The Death of Queen Amazonia, The Slave (included in TSK1 since it’s actually set in the Southern Kingdoms – a traveling Amazon wandered a little too far from home…) and Doreen (included in BoI – Prequels) + I’m throwing in a new short story. It’s a good introduction to my Amazons, at the very low price of 2,99$ – I’d normally put this kind of length at 4.99, but since the only thing new is the cover and a short story (under 3K), it’s a special offer. It’s like buying The Death of Queen Amazonia with 2 bonus stories (since Doreen is already free anyway) and a new, better cover.

The cover is by wonderful Cristina Fabris who is currently working on Kol-ian and Ker-ris for the Italian cover of Slave Traders. Check also her other attempts at Kol-ian – it was hard to choose the final cover! 🙂 And this was the WiP version of this cover… She will do all the seasons of the Queendom of Maadre and I’ve already seen the pencil of Amazon Summer. And if you like her art, she’s open to commissions.

The story I was writing last week is now titled Uncommon Amazons, will be in Amazon Summer and here you can see an attempt at cover that won’t be the final. Just because one Amazon clashes with the plural in the title, I’m using both… besides, there’s two of them who behave uncharacteristically! 😉

This month’s writerly schedule: write two more Amazon shorts by the 10th when I’ll head for Torino Comics and have a short break. When I come back, I’ll write more Tales of the Southern Kingdoms, and then in May I’ll do a first draft of the third body switch, with probably a short story/prequel to go with it… just because I might travel one week (I have 2 weeks off) and I don’t want to bring the translation of Male Lovers on a trip! 😉

Writerly links of the week! David Farland on getting back up. Don’t let anyone take you down. Never give up, never surrender. Okay, I watch too many movies. But you get the idea.

Dean Wesley Smith killing the sacred cows of INDIE publishing – yes, indie and self-publishing is hard work, but it’s worth it, trust me. Sometimes I want to bang my head on the wall (when I waste hours formatting for POD when I don’t sell any of them, even if I’m available at Powells and B&N and Amazon and whatnot), but it’s still quite rewarding. But mostly – you need patience and perseverance.

I’m starting to see results now – in year 4 of indie publishing! Year 1 (2011) gave 0 results. Year 2 a hundred bucks. Year 3 tripled the income. No, I’m not even close to quitting the goddamn DayJob, but I’m moving forward. I was hoping for a five year plan, it might take ten years instead, but there’s no going back. Getting back on that horse above after being thrown down, and blah blah blah.

Comparing yourself to others might help or not. If you have low self-esteem, don’t do it. If you use it to learn, just do it. Last news from Smashwords:

March 25, 2014 – Items.  1.  Scribd update on free Scribd subscriptions!  As promised in the original Scribd announcement on December 19, authors with books opted in to Scribd by January 1 were to receive a free one-year Scribd subscription valued at $100.  Considering that the Smashwords catalog didn’t go live in their system until February 28, some additional authors made it in after the January 1 cutoff so that’s great. The first 1,000 authors will receive emails today from Smashwords that contain activation hyperlinks.  It’s actually proven to be quite a complex task of issuing these activation links (a big thanks to our friends at Scribd for all their great work here!).  Assuming the first 1,000 recipients are able to successfuly redeem their subscriptions without difficulty, we’ll send out the rest.  If you receive the email, please follow the instructions carefully.  If you have difficulty, contact Scribd via the email address included in your email.  I’ll post an update here when we send out the second batch.

I got that e-mail (actually, 2, for both my English pen names), but I don’t remember my Scribd password or access – I know I signed up years ago, but ended up taking down everything. I’ll go look through my email folders to see if I can find it again… What do you think, is it worth doing it?

Now get back to writing. Have a great week! 🙂

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