Random Friday

Did you miss my Art Fridays? 😉 Yes? No? Well, you could expect one, since last Friday I said I’d spend the weekend drawing Da Muses! Except I managed to draw only one, because I spent the Sunday doing something else.

Ahem! Whatever… last Saturday pencil portrait…


And then on Sunday I did this – to be composed on the next Amazons cover, probably titled Uncommon Amazons (yes, that’s the one I was talking about in the previous post). I don’t know yet if I’ll use both ladies or not, I’m trying different compositions. And yes, there’s also a man, although men shouldn’t be on the cover of Amazons stories! 😉

AmazzoniCol_resizeSometime on Monday Firefox crashed and I’ve been struggling with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome since. Hopefully today I can snatch Cristina’s copy of Firefox and reinstall it. I managed to save the bookmarks, thanks to Techie Bro, but I hate these changes. Like the Facebook layout changes (or even the WP changes for that matter…).

Suggested reading – not by me, since it’s still on my ToBuy list, but I still have dozens of fiction and non-fiction books on my Kindle to read (some I bought when I bought the Kindle, so in 2011!!), so it will stay there for a little more. Anyway, according to Michelle, it’s unmissable – whether you’re an introvert (like most writers) or an extrovert (like the rest of the world)!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be drawing with Cristina tomorrow, but Sunday is formatting/uploading day… POD included… sigh! 😦 But if I finish early, I get to do another pencil portrait, yay! 😀

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