Random Friday

Yesterday I noticed the WP emoticons looked different – and yes, they’ve changed them. Oookay… whatever… I wonder if there’s the secret emoticon for rolling eyes… 😎

It’s good to have two Muses, but this year they’re both driving me crazy! 😉 I don’t mean to intrude on their privacy, but I’m worried about Hirthik’s health (since he dropped out from a project and seems to have fallen off the face of Earth at the time I started really following him, meh!), so I wouldn’t mind him posting on Facebook from time to time to show he’s still alive.

Okay, he’s back to work, and in Delhi no less. Fine. Still have a movie coming out  in October, so OK. But lack of news is not always good news. And I would have loved some English subtitles on the extra DVD of Krrish3 as well – some things didn’t need them, but the discussion about the screenplay was all in Hindi. Grr. Okay, I forgive you even if you don’t kiss me, Hrithik (that’s Keanu in Something’s Gotta Give, in case you’re wondering)! 😉

As for Keanu, I had my Sunday-bad-news, since my Google alert lands in my inbox every Sunday at 8am. And most of last week’s alerts were about Passengers being dropped in development hell again. My (private profile) Facebook status Sunday morning:

WTF?! Why am I not an actress?! I’ve read the screenplay in 2008 and been looking forward to it since then…. AAAARGH!!!

Yes, I read the script when it was blacklisted in 2007. I was told “It’s at K.R.’s company, it will be made soon”… Six years later I’m still waiting. I loved it, it’s a great sci-fi story, why can’t they make it?! 😦

My Actresses friends either don’t speak English or are not interested. I’m a very good virtual actress (in my head, haha), but in reality I’d rather watch a movie than be in it. So my suggestions for a female lead – from Keanu’s co-stars (who hopefully are still friends with him):

Sandra Bullock – c’mon, Sandra, this is very different from Gravity, more like The Lake House. You can get mushy with Keanu again. And it would be your third movie with him! 🙂

Charlize Theron – c’mon, Charlize, it’s not Aeon Flux, more like Sweet November. And it would be your third movie with Keanu as well! 😉

Cameron Diaz – if you did sci-fi, Cams, it escaped me. So you should try it. It would be only your secon time with Keanu, but well… why not?

And no Angelina Jolie, thank you! 😦

47 Ronin came out in Italy last week, but not in any cinema showing the original version. Since I hate to hear him dubbed, I’m going to pass… Now I’m going to spend the weekend drawing both Da Muses and trying to forget they drive me nuts! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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