Random Friday

Since one of my Mighty Editors (yes, I have more than one because I’m too prolific, LOL!) is fighting cancer, I’ve helped by going to her wishlist. See if you can find something you’d like to give her – not only in this particular wishlist, but all of them!

Which made me muse about my own use of Amazon, although I never really made a wishlist there, but today’s rant is about my history of Amazon purchases.

Being Italian, I was definitely an early adopter, since I started buying from Amazon in 2004.

My first order was Oct.20, 2004 (two books and one VHS). The latest was in January when I got me Da Muses latest movies on DVD…

In almost ten years, Mighty Zon provided me with:


6 CDs

49 DVDs (half Bollywood, one quarter Keanu’s and the rest various)

19 comics and graphic novels

26 non-fiction books (mostly Osprey for my historical research)

6 fiction paperbacks

1 Barbie collectors edition (even had to send it to Jen’s, since they didn’t ship to Italy!)

1 Kindle Keyboard

12 Kindle books (+ 13 on Amazon UK and 15 on Amazon.it – I moved my Kindle every time a new Kindle shop opened, LOL) – that’s 40 in total, not counting the ones I don’t get from Amazon… yes, my Kindle is full of books to read, sigh!

And that’s not counting the shopping on Amazon.UK, Amazon.FR and Amazon.IT. I guess it’s time they start paying back in the form of royalties from KDP, right? 😉

I haven’t reviewed everything, since I’m not a reviewer and it’s too time-consuming. Besides, I review only what I loved. Sometimes I get those emails saying “Your review has helped a customer”, but this doesn’t push me to do more! 😉

Now back to writing… Don’t forget to help Katy by getting something on her wishlist… Especially if you’re an author and you see your books on her list! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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